This Wine Advent Calendar Is The *Only* Gift Moms Want This Year

You know when you're doing your holiday shopping, and you find a gift that you just want to keep for yourself? Well, here it is: the Advent calendar that's definitely not for kids. Vinebox is putting a grown up spin on the Christmas countdown. Their wine advent calendar, appropriately named "12 Nights Of Wine" includes 12 mini bottles of wine to keep the spirits flowing this season, and it just might be the perfect gift for moms who are in need of some relaxation-in-a-glass this year.

Between shopping for gifts, cooking big meals, and getting ready for family gatherings, the holidays can be super stressful, which is obviously the perfect excuse to unwind with a well-deserved bottle of vino. The Twelve Nights of Wine box gives you a glass per day, and you get to sample a pretty big variety. There's a mix of reds and whites, and vintages from countries including Italy, Spain, and France. Each glass comes with an insert that explains the origins of the wine, so you'll get a crash course in oenology as you drink.

The sleek black packaging makes it a classy looking gift, and it's designed to keep the next bottles hidden so that you get a surprise every day. I'm personally partial to the cute little kid Advent calendars that give you a piece of chocolate or candy everyday, but really, there's no reason you can't have two calendars — wine and chocolate do make a great pair, after all.

Courtesy of Vinebox

A glass of wine a day may feel like an indulgence, but it's actually got some health benefits. Time detailed a 2015 Israeli study in which people who drank a daily glass of wine reported better sleep. And even better, those who unwound with a glass of red had healthier cholesterol levels. It seems to underscore the point that moderation is the key — so you might want to resist the urge to sample more than one of your Vinebox mini bottles per day. That might be a tall order, however, given the aforementioned stress of the holiday season (so no judgment here).

The American Psychological Association found that women are especially susceptible to holiday stress, because so much of the planning and prepping falls on our shoulders. My husband will find out what "we" got our kids for Christmas when they unwrap their gifts that morning, for example. Moms like me, who have spent weeks if not months making the holidays magical, more than deserve 12 boozy nights.

The Twelves Nights of Wine box will cost you $129 if you want to try it out, including shipping. It sold out last year, so get your order in early if it's on your wish list, or you know a special person who would flip for this gift. As you make your way through all 12 bottles, keep an eye out for an extra special surprise. Vinebox is giving 10 customers who find special golden bottles in their boxes an extra holiday present: a free year-long subscription of wine boxes, AKA the gift that keeps on giving.