Laugh & Then Add This Sippy-Cup-Wine-Scented Candle For "Okay Moms" To Your Cart

There's nothing more relaxing than luxuriating in a glass of wine with a candle burning nearby after a long day. But your decompression time just got even better thanks to this wine-scented candle for moms from Whiskey River Soap Co. that takes wine o'clock to the next level.

This isn't the first time a wine-themed product has hit the market in the last few years, as new accessories for your next tasting tour pop up constantly. (Nor will it be the last.) You can buy rosé gummy bears for chewable fun; there are wine glass holders for the shower so you can drink while you bathe; and there's even an insulated purse that allows you to tote your wine with you wherever you go. It's truly the age of wine.

And now that fermented fun is being packaged in candle form. Whiskey River Soap Co. is known for its sassy designs, enticing buyers with products like the Gemini Candle — its tagline is "smells like a split personality" — and Middle Child Pencils that have "hand-me-down pencil" written on them. Their Candle For Okay Moms ($25, Always Fits), is designed for moms who are just trying their freaking best. The description for the product posted on the Whiskey River site explained that they celebrate okay moms because they offer the reality of motherhood: "sippy cup wine, the five-second rule, and loads and loads of naps." It's a mood to say the least.

The candle is handmade with so and it'll burn for about 60 hours, so you can feel confident you're buying a product with staying power. The official scent name is "sippy cup wine," though that doesn't really explain what it smells like. The Romper team did a sniff test, and it turns out "sippy cup wine" closely resembles the aroma of cherry flavored candy, with a hint of cinnamon mixed in. Imagine you're drinking Fireball through a Twizzler straw, and you'll probably get the idea. It's definitely a super sweet and super strong smell, so if you're extremely sensitive to fragrance, this might not be the candle for you, no matter how much you relate to it. But the item is one of the company's bestsellers, so there's definitely a market for it.

If you are one of the "Okay Moms" scent obsessed, rejoice because you can have even more of that "sippy cup" smell in your life. They also make a soap ($12, Always Fits) with the same ingredients, so okay-ness becomes a full body experience. Plus, it's a good alternative if you aren't a candle fan but still want to be part of the wine mom world.

And for those who don't love scented things at all, they've got their new "Okay Moms Pencils" ($10, Whiskey River Soap) which will make penciling in playdates on your calendar way more fun, and funny if your kids can read and actually tell what the writing tools say. The one that says "Can You Just Leave Mommy Alone?" is a must-have. Okay Moms and wine lovers, unite.