This Woman's Baby Was Born Into Her Abdominal Cavity & It Will Freak You Out

There are so many things that can happen during a woman's pregnancy, which can make it an understandably scary time. Because of this, it is important for women to hear other people's (maybe even terrifying) birth stories and become aware of what could possibly go wrong, just in case. Like this woman's story about her baby being born into her abdominal cavity, which will help bring awareness to this very real and rare birthing complication.

Masina Frost was 31 weeks pregnant this Christmas, according to Cosmopolitan, when she began feeling under the weather. So she did what every concerned mom would do and went to the doctor. The doctor found that her vital signs were low — Frost's uterus was not supplying enough blood to her placenta and her baby's heartbeat was low.

As it turns out, Frost's uterus had ruptured and the baby would have to be born into Frost's abdominal cavity. That's right, her abdominal cavity. So, her doctor, Dr. Andrew Shennan, came up with a split second decision that would change her life. Shennan ordered an emergency cesarean section, or C-section, and was able to complete the C-section in 30 seconds, according to the Daily Mail. In comparison, the average C-section operation takes 15 to 25 minutes but the entire process can take up to an hour. Frost told the Daily Mail:

Everything happened so quickly. One minute, Andy (her doctor) was giving me an injection and the next, I was on a trolley being raced down to the operating theatre. It was incredibly scary but we feel so enormously lucky we have our beautiful daughter.

After the C-section, Frost was able to give birth to her baby, a daughter named Sephina. Incredible.

Shennan told the Daily Mail that Sephina's birth was a "life or death" situation, when the baby had stopped receiving oxygen from her mom's placenta. And after spending one month in the hospital, Sephina was able to go home to her parents two days after Christmas. "We really did only have seconds to deliver her," Shennan told Daily Mail. "If Frost hadn't been with me at that moment, we would have lost Sephina. This was truly a miracle."

While this might sound a little crazy, a uterine rupture can happen during pregnancy, just like it happened to Frost. But, having your uterus rupture while you're pregnant is incredibly rare, affecting less than 1 percent of pregnant women, according to HealthLine. When the uterus ruptures, it causes the uterus to tear, causing the baby to "slip into" the mother's abdomen (thus, being born in the abdominal cavity). Although it is rare, the risk can develop and be increased by the amount of c-sections that a woman has had, according to HealthLine.

Because of this emergency, life or death situation that can happen to anyone, it is important to be aware of the symptoms. If Frost wasn't in tune to how she was feeling, then the worst could have happened. Abnormal heart rate in the baby is the first indicator of a uterus rupture, according to Mom Junction, followed by pain in the abdomen, bleeding from the vagina, and pain in the chest following that main symptom. Other signs of uterine eruption can occur closer to labor, according to Mom Junction, and can include irregular contractions, lasting pain between contractions, and a very slow labor.

While a uterus eruption might sound scary, it can be repaired. The eruptions are dealt by an emergency C-section, and then hysterectomy surgery might be necessary if the tears are too large and the bleeding can't be controlled, according to Mom Junction.

A lot can be learned from Frost's story. If something doesn't feel right in your pregnancy, then something might not be right. This intuition could save lives.