This Working Mom's Viral Facebook Photo Proves Parenting Is A Struggle For Everyone


Pretty much all moms everywhere can agree that, in one way or another, motherhood is really freaking hard. But despite that virtually-universal truth, the unspoken debate over who has it easier — working moms or stay-at-home moms — still seems to linger. I guess it's only natural to assume the grass is greener on the other side of motherhood: that working moms get to "have a break" from parenting unlike SAHMs, who have to deal with their kids all the day, or that SAHMs get to, well, stay at home, and don't have to deal with the rigors of holding down a job and being a parent. But, the truth is, no matter how it looks from the outside, all mothers (and fathers, and anyone else who happens to be raising tiny humans) struggle to balance everything on their plate at least some of the time. One working mom's viral Facebook photo is a great example that, behind the scenes, parenthood is a challenge for everyone.

According to Cosmopolitan, Australian blogger (and mother-of-two) Rachelle Bingham took to her blog's popular Facebook page recently to share a straight-up, honest photo of what her life as a seemingly-glamorous working mama really looks like (spoiler alert: her car looks exactly how you'd expect it to). In the post, Bingham wrote,

The post goes on to discuss the state of her car:

And her kids? Their needs feel overwhelming by the end of a long work day:

According to the Daily Mail, Bingham took the snap after she picked her daughter up from daycare and noticed what a mess her car was. She told the newspaper,

In fact, saying that others can relate is probably an understatement. Bingham's Facebook post has earned over 40,000 likes, more than 6,700 shares, and 2,300 comments — mostly from other women thanking Bingham for being so honest about the reality of what she (and so many other mothers) go through each day.

The response from Bingham's photo proves, perhaps more than anything, that there are countless women out there who understand what it's like to feel like you don't have it nearly as together as you feel like you should, and it also speaks to how easy it really is to assume that other people have it better, or that their lives are so much more privileged because of how it looks on the outside.

And, judging by the reactions Bingham has received, it seems like there really isn't anyone who isn't affected by the crazy expectations that parents are supposed to meet. These days, both parents often need to work to support their families, but of course, they're still expected to be super involved, rock star parents who can manage both aspects of their lives with relative ease. Then there are parents who stay home — either by choice or necessity — who struggle with the sheer mental exhaustion of taking care of kids all day, while also trying not to lose their own identities in parenthood, and probably, let's be honest, are feeling pretty lonely and isolated a lot of the time. And then you have single parents, foster parents, grandparents-as-parents, military parents... I mean, are there any parents out there who can't relate to feeling like it's impossible to stay on top of everything as well as you'd like to?

If nothing else, Bingham's post is a perfect reminder that, as parents, we really are on the same team as one another, and that judging each other achieves absolutely nothing. It really does take a village, after all. So maybe it's time we accepted that, when it comes to parenting, nobody actually has it easier — and maybe that there's no shame in having a filthy car (because, uh, guilty as charged).