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Everything You Need To Remember About 'Younger' Season 3

TV Land's Younger is one of those shows that shouldn't work. A series about a divorced 40-year-old woman pretending to be a 26-year-old so she can get a job in publishing? Your friends are right to not understand why you love it so much. Yet, Younger is absolutely delightful, mostly because the writing and the cast manage to make the show smart and funny, even if you have to suspend your belief in reality a little. Season 4 premieres on June 28 and there were so many cliffhangers last season, which means you're probably going to need a Younger Season 3 recap to help you remember all of the drama that came to pass — and is about to come.

According to Sutton Foster, who plays Liza, there aren't going to be any quick fixes when it comes to patching up all of the conflict that unfolded in the Season 3 finale. In fact, she recently stated to Refinery29 that "the first half of Season 4, really deals with the fallout of Kelsey just feeling betrayed."

Things are finally getting serious for Liza. After a bunch of false alarms about her actual identity last year — like when she almost spilled her truth in the helicopter with her Empirical colleagues or when David, Josh, and Charles almost all ran into each other at the hospital when she got hit by a car — things got very dicey in the season finale.

So here's what you need to remember about Younger Season 3 so you're all caught up heading into the latest dose of drama.

Liza Told Kelsey Everything

After thinking that the big drama was going to be all about Liza's love life, the very last scene showed Liza sitting down and showing Kelsey pictures of her daughter and telling her friend her real age. Kelsey is likely not going to take this very well, so there's a good chance a lot of Season 4 will be about them fighting with each other. Though there's no show if Liza and Kelsey aren't buddies, so there has to be hope that they'll make up. Right?

Kelsey Is Having A Rough Time Anyway

Kelsey is also not in a great spot at the moment. She was basically forced out of Lauren’s parent’s place when Lauren's boyfriend moved in. She tried to crash at her boyfriend's place, but before heading to Los Angeles to talk about his book rights, Colin revealed that he wasn't ready for a serious relationship. So she showed up at Maggie's to stay. Will she move out of the Brooklyn loft? Will this force Kelsey and Liza to make up quicker? Let's hope so.

What Will Happen To Labradoodle?

OK, this is not the most important cliffhanger, but it is important. While at the Hamptons to promote Millennial at the book fair, Liza was blackmailed by Emily. In order to keep her secret, Liza went behind Kelsey's back and agreed to give her dog advice book — which Kelsey already turned down — an official book deal. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Sutton discussed Liza's actions, stating: "Liza does some pretty s—-y things in these last couple of episodes, but I think that her going behind Kelsey’s back like that and signing an author to save her ass is the worst thing she’s done."

Even her reveal seems sort of selfish in that sense, right? At least Kelsey will (maybe) understand why Liza did it now, though.

Sorry, #TeamJosh

In the most heartbreaking scene (set beautifully to Rihanna, BTW), Josh broke up with Liza. After seeing her kissing Charles in the Hamptons, right before he was going to propose to her, he decided that he'd had enough. He also called Liza out on her lies, too, telling her that it's hurting people. She sort of needed to hear it, though it's awful that he broke up with her just when she finally realized that she does love him. Let's face it, though, Josh is way too adorable to be kicked off the show. I have a feeling something will be worked out.

And Sorry, #TeamCharles

Season 3 was a good one for Charles fans, culminating in the big kiss. But then Charles told Liza that he was going to step aside and not interfere in her relationship. It's entirely possible that Liza stays single for a bit in Season 4, but she also might have more run-ins with her boss. They would be perfect together, right?

Diana Has A Parrot

And a boyfriend! I'm so happy that Diana is finally getting her needs met. Also, hands down, the parrot mimicking her orgasm in front of a bunch of school kids was the best thing about the Season 3 finale, in my opinion.

There are so many great storylines that could be explored this season. So if your friends are still judging you for watching Younger, tell them to catch up so you can gush about how much you want to hang out with the entire cast.