Zac Efron is returning to Disney to star in a remake of 'Three Men & A Baby’ coming to Disney+.
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A 'Three Men & A Baby' Remake On Disney+ Is Happening & Zac Efron Is Starring In It

by Kaitlin Kimont

One love child, an obscene amount diapers, a slew of misunderstandings, and hopefully a few iconic 80s mustaches are all coming back in the Disney+ remake of Three Men and a Baby. And not only is that happening, but Zac Efron is set to star in the 1987 classic based on the French film Trois hommes et un couffin. Mon dieu, indeed.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 32-year-old actor is heading back to his Disney roots and is "on board" to star in the remake of Three Men and a Baby for the company's streaming platform. If you need a refresher for what its in store, the original American comedy starred Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, and Ted Danson as three bachelors in New York City trying to raise a child together after a baby girl shows up at their doorstep with a note saying she's one of theirs. A whole mess of mishaps and hiccups ensue — including a package of heroin delivered to their apartment — as they learn to take care of the baby and ultimately becoming totally smitten with her.

It's not clear if the remake of Three Men and a Baby with Efron will be updated to take place in modern times or how exactly the script, which has reportedly already been written, will be different from the original film, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It sounds like the movie is still in its early stages and a release date has yet to be announced.

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Efron, of course, rose to fame with his previous Disney roles. In 2006, he starred as Troy Bolton in the incredibly popular movie, High School Musical, as well as its subsequent sequels. Since those days, he's gone on to star more mature comedies like Neighbors with Seth Rogen as well as serious films like the biographical crime drama about Ted Bundy, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.

Efron's return to Disney as a New York City bachelor attempting to raise a baby feels somewhat full circle. One can only hope he'll grow a solid Tom Selleck stache for the role.