Tiller & Hatch

If You're Tired Of Cooking, Try These Frozen Meals To Dump In Your Instant Pot

I'm fairly certain I can speak for all parents at this point in a highly unusual viral pandemic summer: I am sick of cooking. I don't want to turn on my oven, let alone be in my kitchen. I've reached mid-summer cooking burn out, so naturally I was thrilled to learn about Tiller & Hatch, a frozen meal company designed for pressure cookers. The brand — which features nutritious, wholesome, and affordable frozen meals for the whole family — speaks to two of my main issues with summertime cooking (with or without COVID-19): avoiding the oven, which heats up my entire kitchen, and meal planning, which I despise.

Currently available at Walmart stores nationwide, the brand is also expanding to select Target stores this month. Additionally, and perhaps my favorite part, you can get Tiller & Hatch meals delivered to your door by choosing from a variety of subscription meal plans (four, six, or eight-meal bundles). Since I'm still having my groceries delivered and not going out to shop very often due to the quarantine, this is truly ideal for my family. And with meals to choose from like BBQ Chili with Beef, Italian Gnocchi, Tikka Masala and Chicken Tortilla Soup, I'm ready to fire up my Instant Pot and forget the oven for the rest of summer.

Tiller & Hatch

Tiller & Hatch is the first frozen meal brand designed for an electric pressure cooker, which dramatically reduces preparation time and clean-up. I mean, this is truly a dream come true for anyone who loves their Instant Pot (that'd be me, folks). The line includes artisanal pastas, hearty stews, and flavorful soups centered on wholesome, nutritious and delicious recipes made from premium, quality ingredients. And speaking of affordability, for less than $3 per serving, a Tiller & Hatch meal can feed a family of four for less than $13. Sign me up, please. I really do appreciate the brand's mission to provide good food for all so that every family can have access to healthy, affordable food.

Tiller & Hatch

On that note, I'm so impressed with the company's core value of giving back. Among other things, Tiller & Hatch has donated a year's worth of meals to an elementary school in Tennessee and supplied over 75,000 meals to Americans impacted by COVID-19. This makes the company a great match for Brad and Kimberly Paisley, the brand's co-owners and founders of The Store, a year-round free grocery store which serves individuals and families experiencing food insecurities and financial hardship in the Nashville area.

Honestly, my time in the kitchen this summer is starting to look decidedly easier. Cutting down on oven usage, choosing from easy meal offerings and supporting a company who give back? That's a win-win in my (cook) book.