Tina Fey And Jimmy Fallon Appear On 'Weekend Update' On 'SNL' And They've Been Missed

It's always a treat when a much missed cast member returns to Saturday Night Live to guest star in a skit or pop in during a monologue. Such was the case Saturday night when Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon appeared on Weekend Update on SNL, proving that they've both been missed in the SNL cast, regardless of how much we adore the current cast in its entirety. There's just something super nostalgic and fun about getting a surprise visit on SNL with Fey and Fallon, who have moved on to film and late night talk shows. But having them make a surprise guest appearance on Weekend Update on SNL made you remember the good old days of the two of them heading the news segment themselves.

Fey and Fallon played Denise and Dorine, two undecided suburban Philidephia women, unsure of their decisions for the upcoming presidential election. And as they sat at the Weekend Update desk with their 'talk to the manager' haircuts and wrapped hoagies that they proudly presented in front of them, they made the segment. It also helped that several times throughout their guest appearance, Fallon almost broke character in the way that made everyone else want to do the same, and you have to laugh at literally everything he says anyway, in the cropped haircut wig and sweater with that awful turtleneck underneath.

As to be expected, though, Twitter loved the return of Fallon and Fey on Weekend Update on SNL in their unexpected guest appearance. It's not that anyone dislikes Weekend Update as it is now, or even the cast members of SNL, but there is nothing like the return of a couple of the greats who easily have legendary status at this point.

Fallon is pretty well known for breaking during skits on SNL and while breaking character in some TV shows may be super taboo, on SNL, it's what we all wait for as we watch the skits unfold. But while it wasn't really surprising to see Fallon break, infecting Fey right next to him, it still made you giggle and remember how much you missed the two of them on the show.

Any time a cast member makes a return to SNL as a beloved character or just to get the kind of applause out of the audience that would make anyone feel amazing, it's a treat for fans and when it's a legit surprise, you can't help but whoop and scream with them while sitting at home on the couch, braless, in sweatpants and fuzzy socks.