Tinder Will Now Show Your Job Title, & Here Are 5 Ways This Will Affect Your Swiping

Ah, Tinder. For a while everyone I knew was on it, and we all had at least one funny story about ridiculous opening lines or terrible first dates — but more recently Tinder has had lots of competition from new dating apps like Happn and Bumble. So how is the O.G. app o' love keeping itself relevant? Tinder profiles now include job titles and education, a move CEO Sean Rad told USAToday would increase a user's matches by 30 percent.

The change comes along with several other updates to the dating app, which is often considered more likely to lead to hookups than relationships. There are also no more no more "moment" updates from Tinder matches (hallelujah), recent connections scroll at the top of your messaging screen, and people's "last logins" have disappeared from their profiles, which is probably for the best.

Tinder's already fairly superficial — you're swiping based on a cursory glance at someone's face or a selfie of their abs. It's hard to say whether adding education and job titles to profiles makes the app more or a little less superficial — I guess it depends on how the changes influence your swipes. Here are five ways the Tinder update could change your swiping behavior:

You'll Save Time By Swiping Left Immediately On Anyone Who's Job Title Is "Badass At Life"

Because c'mon. Middle school was a long time ago.

You'll Swipe Right Because You Want Their Job

Tinder is about to become an under-the-radar LinkedIn. Prepare to find yourself messaging people you have no interest in dating because you've always wanted to interview at the place they work and vice versa. Expect a lot less, "You have great eyes," and a lot more, "Let me buy you a drink and ask you about how you got your job at National Geographic."

You'll Be Judged

When I tell people I'm a writer, they look at me with eyes that say, So you mean you're unemployed?

Writers, actors, artists — prepare your comebacks.

You'll Enjoy Immediate Conversation Starters

Sometimes, a Tinder profile will have a chatty description or a picture that offers 101 conversation starters. But when it doesn't, at least you'll have, "So tell me about your job wrangling preschoolers."

You Really Might Get Better Matches

While I don't think a job defines a person — and I've worked all sorts of jobs — some people simply are simply more or less inclined to like people who have certain careers or majors. Hey, the heart wants what the heart wants.

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