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Tinsley Mortimer May Have Met Someone

Tinsley Mortimer officially ended things with her boyfriend Scott Kluth during Season 11 of The Real Housewives of New York City. She expressed a desire to remain single for a little bit while she recovered from the relationship, but she also made it clear that marriage kids was on her mind. So now that she and Scott are kaput, what is Tinsley Mortimer's relationship status?

During a chat with People, Tinsley confirmed that she was seeing someone, though she declined to name names. She did reveal that the person in question has children and that it was going well so far. "And it's good and it's cute and it's nice," Tinsley said. "You know, I've been part of the family a little bit and it's a good thing. So, we'll see."

She went on to say that she always thought of herself as a "younger person" but now that she was in her 40s, the men she was meeting had kids. It had changed her perspective somewhat. "I'm like, 'Wow! I can maybe be with somebody that has a life other than my own, and a whole world with kids,'" Tinsley continued. "So, I've recently had a really nice time with this one person."

Finding out exactly who Tinsley's new boyfriend is would be tricky, because she hasn't made any public announcements about him. She hasn't posted any snaps of the family on social media, either. It doesn't look like Tinsley is up to sharing details yet, perhaps because the relationship is relatively new. Just a day before she confirmed that she was seeing someone, People reported that Tinsley was dating again after Scott, though she wasn't linked to anyone in particular.

"I am fully dating again," Tinsley said at the time. "I'm dating a lot of different people. I'm having fun doing it. I feel free and like myself again." It's great that Tinsley is feeling back to her old self, but it does make the timeline a little confusing. It's possible her Unnamed Person With Kids was one of several people she was seeing who became more serious shortly after that.

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Tinsley has been enjoying her single life after Scott, which her mother Dale Mercer commented on when they sat down together for a Bravo After Show episode. Dale said that Tinsley was definitely not with Scott anymore, and Tinsley interjected that she was seeing "a couple of people." Then she and Dale had an odd moment of telepathic mother-daughter conversation where it looked like Tinsley was trying to will her mom to avoid spilling the beans about her personal life.

She succeeded, though Dale did eventually say, "Actually, I've accused [Tinsley] of being a little floozy in Palm Beach because she dates one and then she dates another and then another." Thanks for the dose of friendly shame, Dale! Apparently Tinsley has been so busy going out that she barely has time to hang out with Dale anymore. They eventually agreed that Tinsley was trying to meet someone, so going out a lot was par for the course.

If Tinsley feels strongly about her new partner, she may introduce him during the next season of RHONY. But until she has more to share, this part of her personal life is going to remain private.