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Tom Hanks' Grandkids Apparently Don't Care About His Fame & I'm In Shock

Tom Hanks is an Academy Award winning actor, known for his comedic and dramatic roles that appeal to audiences both young and old. But to his two granddaughters, he isn't the Tom Hanks — he's just grandpa. In a new interview, his son, Colin Hanks, said that Tom Hanks' grandkids apparently don't care about his fame, and it's both hilarious and heartwarming to hear.

Tom Hanks has three granddaughters; his son Colin, has two daughters that are ages 8 and 5, according to Us Weekly, and his son, Chet, also has a 5-year-old, according to People. Although the rest of the world might understand what he does, his granddaughters just don't care what their grandpa does for a living, Colin told Us Weekly in a new interview. "They don't care about him at all," Colin bravely admitted.

Cue the shock. Someone get these girls a copy of Toy Story and pull up Google ASAP so they can learn who he his. Because it's time they learn.

Colin added that his daughters don't even care that he is an actor, either. "Children are great humblers," he told Us Weekly. "They don't care about what you do [or] what you have done. They just want to do their kid stuff."

He has a point. Kids just want to play with their friends and eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and all that good stuff. The last thing they want to do is hear about their grandparent's (and parent's) jobs.

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And at the end of the day, Mr. Tom Hanks is just like every other grandparent, according to his son Colin, as he told Us Weekly:

[It] is like every other playdate with a grandparent. The grandparent gives them stuff they shouldn't be having, and the grandparents don't listen to what the parents are saying they should be doing.

He sounds like every single grandparent out there. Who would have guessed?

But it also makes sense. Hanks has been voted the most "Trustworthy Celebrity" in 2014, according to Forbes, and "America's Favorite Movie Star" in 2016, according to People, which probably gives him the honorary title of "America's Grandfather."

And he has talked about how much he loves being a grandfather in the past. In an interview with E! News, the beloved star stated that the best part about being a grandfather is the "entertainment factor."

"You don't have to watch TV, you just gotta keep an eye on them and follow them around and your day is made," he told E! News.

In a 2017 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Tom reiterated this, explaining his technique to watching his grandkids. "When you have grandkids, if you're with one of them — or all three of them — look, there's no book, no radio, no TV," he told the news outlet. "You're going to be entertained by them every moment that you're there. Sit back and watch the show!"

This could be the reason why his granddaughters don't care who he is — because they do the entertaining for him, not the other way around.

And although he and his wife, Rita Wilson, are the "cool grandparents," he even admitted that he doesn't think his grandkids are too impressed with him. "I think they just put up with us," he admitted to Entertainment Tonight.

His grandchildren will eventually learn who he, but in the meantime, he and his fam can enjoy some kind of anonymity. But Toy Story 4 is coming out this summer, so the jig might be up soon...