Tom Hanks' Halloween Costume Beats Everyone Else's By A Long Shot

You can put down the face paint and cat ears because Tom Hanks’ Halloween costume just beat everyone else’s by a long shot. The award-winning actor revealed that, this year, he will be dressing up as the now-memorable David S. Pumpkins, his hilarious character from his latest appearance on NBC's Saturday Night Live. On Monday, Hanks tweeted out a picture of the black suit printed with an orange jack-o’-lantern pattern he plans to wear on Halloween.

"Oh, I HAVE my costume! Any questions??!" the 60-year-old actor tweeted late Monday morning, which was a reference to the wacky, and now infamous Saturday Night Live bit.

The completely random, but instantly hilarious David S. Pumpkins character was introduced as a part of the "Haunted Elevator" sketch from when Hanks hosted Saturday Night Live on Oct. 22. While Hanks certainly had a handful of gems from his latest appearance on the Emmy Award-winning comedy show, the popularity of this skit in particular skyrocketed over social media and inspired many Halloween costumes. In fact, imitations of the pumpkin suit Hanks wore during the sketch quickly sold out at multiple stores and online shops.

In the bit, a couple played by Beck Bennett and Kate McKinnon take a ride through the "Haunted Elevator" with guidance from the spooky elevator operator played by Keenan Thompson. After encountering a few of the typical scary characters that you'd expect to see at a haunted-themed attraction, David S. Pumpkins and his b-boy skeletons make their debut and try to spook the couple by awkwardly smiling and dancing. It was equally entertaining as it was confusing.

"How’s it hanging? I’m David Pumpkins and I'm gonna scare the hell out of you," David S. Pumpkins declares as he makes his debut. After several stops on the haunted ride and many attempts by Pumpkins and his skeleton dancers to spook its riders, David S. Pumpkins finally scares the couple by lurking sneakily behind them on the last floor. "Any questions?" he says, causing the couple to scream and jump out of their seats.

Watch the incredibly wacky and hilarious sketch below:

While we don't know who might take on the roles of his b-boy skeleton sidekicks this time, hopefully Hanks will grace his fans later with a shot of him as the character once more.

Depending on who you ask, some people quickly fell in love with Hanks' new character and some did not think David S. Pumpkins was a winner. But regardless of personal critiques about the sketch, David S. Pumpkins dancing along with his spunky skeletons has easily become this year's best Halloween meme and it's a festive treat for all that Hanks will reprise the role.

Any questions?