Tori Roloff Had To Use Some Candy To Get This Adorable Photo Of Her Kids

After the birth of a baby, some new big brothers and sisters immediately fall in love with their role. But others? Well, let's just say it can take a while for them to warm up to the idea of sharing mommy and daddy with a needy blob that cries all of the time. Which is why plenty of parents can probably relate that Tori Roloff bribed her toddler to take sweet sibling photos.

As a refresher, the Little People, Big World star shares two young children with Zach Roloff: Jackson, 2, and baby Lilah, who was born in November. The busy mama took to Instagram on Sunday, Jan. 5 to share a series of sweet sibling photos of her little ones sporting matching Seattle Seahawks jerseys. In typically Tori fashion, though, she kept it real in her caption, writing, "Making some good sibling progress (there may have been m&ms involved. Lilah is indifferent to how the @seahawks do today."

Tori's Instagram followers couldn't get over what a good big brother Jackson was. (You know, despite the bribing that was involved.) One person commented, "Aww baby J has the sweetest face ever. I bet he has the kindest heart. You can see in his eyes how much he loves his baby sister. So precious." Another Instagram user wrote, "Oh my word, that tongue!! And Jackson looks like such a sweet older brother." Yet another person chimed in with, "Oh my word how is Jackson so grown up looking?!"

Tori has previously hinted that adding baby number two to the family hasn't been a completely smooth transition for her toddler son. "Jackson is adjusting in his own time and this has made me find new love for our sweet baby J," she wrote on Instagram on Dec. 3. And I mean, who can blame him? It's a huge adjustment going from having your parents' full attention to suddenly having the focus be on a sibling Sometimes, it just takes time — and a whole lot of patience from everyone involved.

And this also isn't the first time Tori has kept it real about motherhood while posting seemingly "perfect" family photos, either. On Dec. 1 — less than two week after giving birth to her second child, mind you — she shared the harrowing story of acquiring their Christmas tree. "BARELY survived getting our Christmas tree today. Did not dress for snow or rain. Mom couldn’t walk well in the snow. Jackson wanted nothing to do with Santa Claus and almost gave himself a concussion trying to get away," she captioned a smiling photo of herself, Zach, Jackson, and Lilah outside in the snow. "Big parenting lesson today... But we did it. Got our tree. Now to sleep the rest of the day away."

Kudos to Tori Roloff for resisting the temptation to make her life look picture-perfect on Instagram — and instead staying refreshingly honest about this whole motherhood business. Because I have feeling without a little candy bribery, plenty of other parents wouldn't have a smiling single sibling photo. Way to keep it real, mama.