Tori Roloff Is Soaking Up Every Minute With Jackson Ahead Of Baby No. 2's Debut

Tori Roloff is set to give birth to her second child, a girl, in a few short weeks. This means The Little People, Big World star will soon be a mom-of-two, a milestone that's often bittersweet for many parents. And in light of this upcoming transition, Tori Roloff and her son Jackson are spending as much alone as they can together, which the mom discussed in a heartfelt Instagram post.

As Roloff's fans probably already know, she's having a rough go of it this pregnancy. From initially feeling insecure about her body changes (who hasn't been there?) to getting frustrated with people telling her she's "about to pop," these past eight months haven't been too easy. So amid all of these frustrations, Roloff decided to wind down with her little snuggle buddy, 2-year-old Jackson. And the cuddle sesh brought up mixed emotions for the reality star, a sentiment I'm sure many parents can relate to.

"I cherish these moments with every ounce of effort. Snuggling both my kids closely, Roloff captioned a shot of herself on the couch with Jackson. "I relish in these last few moments with only one child earth side and thank God every moment for his love."

She continued: "Baby girl is super active right now as we sit here watching what else?... buzz, and Jackson keeps pointing at my belly telling me to look at baby. We already love this girl so much and I think we’re all excited to finally meet her, but for right now I’m soaking in this moment. #babyjroloff #babyroloff."

Following Roloff's post, many fans took to the comments section to share their similar experiences.

"I cried my eyes out with my son just like this the night before my water broken with my daughter," one person wrote. "Cherish every moment!!"

Someone else said: "Enjoy every second with Jackson. Your world will not ever be the same. But in the most perfect way. You think you can’t possibly love anything more than your first. But we do. Your heart will open the moment you see your little girl and it will just all fall into place."

"I know the feeling it’s so exciting but hard at the same time!!" another commenter added.

The good news for Tori is she still has a few solo weeks left with Jackson to savor. What's more? She'll have another baby to love very soon. "I love this kid with so much of my heart and I often ponder how much more love my heart can give but I can’t wait to find out," Roloff said about looking forward to her daughter's arrival. "Love you so much Jackson Kyle."

Roloff's exact due date isn't known at this time, but it's worth noting she had a C-section with baby Jackson. So it's possible she'll do the same this time around, meaning she already knows the baby's due date.

Either way, it's clear Roloff is going to be an amazing mom-of-two, as she has so much love to give. Congrats on nearing the finish line, mama!