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From $6 DIY Kits To $7 Action Figurines, The Toys "R" Us Easter Sale Is Pretty Amazing

With Toys "R" Us closing all of their stores in the next few months, this Easter might be a great time to shop their sales, as they're probably trying to get rid of as much as possible. It's sad that this kid-shopping icon is going out of business, but there's nothing you can do to change that. You can, however, use this time to get fun Easter gifts for the kiddos, and also to put things away for upcoming birthdays and holidays. To help with this, we put together some suggestions on what to get at Toys "R" Us's Easter sale to minimize the cost but maximize your take.

The great thing about Toys "R" Us is you can shop for every kid, with every interest, in one place. Shop old school style and wander the aisles at a brick and mortar store or grab the laptop or iPad and see what piques your interest in the online store. Now's the time to use all those Toys "R" Us and Babies "R" Us gift cards, as the stores may close in the next two months. Make sure you get it right — you can't count on returning things the kids don't like.

So for the last time ever (unless someone rushes in and offers to buy the retail stores), here are some of the great things you can get at the Toys "R" Us Easter sale.


Step-on Keyboard

Fisher-Price Dancin' Tunes Rock N Roll Step-On Keyboard (now: $20, was: $30, Toys "R" Us)

Your little musician can create, record and playback music by stepping on the keys of this floor keyboard. It even includes sound effects.


Princess Playhouse

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Magical Wand Palace Playset (now: $35, was: $50, Toys "R" Us)

Shake the magic wand, spin the characters on the dance floor, or push a button, and this this elaborate princess play set will light up, make noises, or even say a few phrases. It's a great way for the kids to create stories with their favorite Disney princesses.


Play Yard

Babies "R" Us Play Yard Toy (now: $15, was: $30, Toys "R" Us)

Hook this up to your play yard gate and your toddler can keep busy for ages.


Building Blocks

Crayola Construction Building Blocks Crayon Tube (now: $20, was: $37, Toys "R" Us)

The blocks are fun, the kids can build all sorts of things, and when they're done, you can store it all in this cute and colorful container.


Pirate Play Set

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Adventures Sea Monster Pirate Playset (now: $25, was: $40, Toys "R" Us)

Ahoy, matey. The kids can pretend they are pirates and make up all sorts of adventures on the high seas with this pirate-themed toy set.


Star Wars Basketball Hoop

Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens Over the Door Basketball (now: $15, was: $25, Toys "R" Us)

Hook this hoop over your child's bedroom door and will serve as both a Star Wars poster and basketball hoop.


Big Wheel Racer

Pink Big Wheel Racer (now: $40, was: $60, Toys "R" Us)

Little ones can use this Big Wheel to roll around your driveway, the neighborhood, or your apartment building hallway (if the neighbors don't mind).


Water Slide

Kahuna Triple Monster Water Slide (now: $500, was: $600, Toys "R" Us)

Set up a summer camp in your backyard with this epic water slide. Tons of fun for kids aged 5-11.


Catboy And Romeo Figures

PJ Masks Light-Up 3-inch Catboy and Romeo Figures - 2-Pack (now: $7, was: $10, Toys "R" Us)

The kids can use their imagination with these two action figurines. Catboy's amulet even lights up.


Bead Kit

Beados B Sweet Scoop Pick N Mix Candy Stall Playset (now: $10, was: $20, Toys "R" Us)

Kids can make colorful creations with this DIY kit. Use up the beads? No worries. You can purchase the Beado refill set.


Ramp Set

Hexbug Nitro Circus Mega Ramp Set (now: $20, was: $50, Toys "R" Us)

Mini circus characters can be sent down the ramp by pulling the ripcord and letting them slide. If your little one is tech savvy, they can sync this toy up with the Nitro Circus App, which is sold separately.


Clay Set

Moose Toys Poppit S1 Pop N Display Bakery Playset (now: $6, was: $20, Toys "R" Us)

Use the clay, molds, and tools in this kit to make tiny clay goodies. The kids can even decorate them with glitter pens and put them in little display cases.



Disney Princess Elena of Avalor Ukulele (now: $10, was: $25, Toys "R" Us)

Little ones can strum to their heart's content with this Disney princess-themed ukulele.



Wow Wee Mini Remote Control Robosapien (now: $10, was: $20, Toys "R" Us)

This remote-controlled robot is perfect for kids 4 and up.


Fidget Spinner

Zuru DC Comics Premium Fidget Spinner - Batman (now: $4, was: $7, Toys "R" Us)

Keep the kids busy spinning this Batman toy. It also comes in Captain America, the Hulk, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, and Ironman themes.

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