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Transcript Of Bill Clinton's Democratic National Convention Speech Was Sweetly Personal


The Democratic National Convention has already seen some show stopping speeches since it kicked off on Monday night. And while most voters usually expect a speech from first ladies endorsing their husbands, on Tuesday, America was able to witness for the first time a former president endorse his wife for the Oval Office. President Bill Clinton's speech at the DNC was a lot about his legacy as president, as it started off with a video about revitalizing the economy. But then he got personal and talked about meeting a pretty girl, with no makeup on, in law school and how he chased her. It was sort of cute — like when your parents talk about their first date.

On Monday, as the convention kicked off, the former president was sitting front and center with many of the VIP speakers and seemed to enjoy every moment of it. He quickly became a meme on Monday night, leaning back, and taking in all of the praise and goodwill towards his wife and his political party.

And he wasn't without humor on Tuesday. It is a big deal for a former president to be endorsing his wife to take a seat at the same desk he sat at for eight years, and he spent most of his time talking about their relationship and how her career inspired him to be attracted to her. It was a nice cocktail of the personal and policy. Just like the Clintons, really.

Presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton even said this week on CBS' 60 Minutes, “I will be the president, but it does happen to be a historical fact that my husband served as president for eight years and there’s a lot that happened which helped the American people during those eight years."

It's a very big deal, despite your politics, that a woman might be endorsed as a candidate for the presidency and it's almost absurd that America is this close to having a "first husband." Bill Clinton also had a lot to say about his wife's credentials to serve as president and make a strong case about her record as a dedicated public servant, and even gave a nod to her time as first lady, helping him carry out his policies.  

President Clinton was also all about bringing the party together before the first days of the convention Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders supporters were vocal about their disappointment in losing the nomination. "I rather vigorously defended my wife, as I am wont to do, and I realized, finally, I was talking past [a protester] the way she was talking past me," he told ABC News earlier this spring, after confronting some of those protestors. "We've got to stop that in this country. We got to listen to each other again."

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Former US president Bill Clinton addresses the second day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center, July 26, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. / AFP / SAUL LOEB (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

In his speech tonight, former President Clinton had his wife's back and held the party line. Whether his words will unite the party to rally around his wife and the Democratic candidate through November remains to be seen.

A full transcript of former President Clinton's remarks can be found below: