Transcript Of Donald Trump's Speech In West Palm Beach Shows He's Ready To Point Fingers


Facing an avalanche of new sexual assault allegations from a variety of women, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump used a campaign rally in Florida to address the accusations. He followed a blistering speech from First Lady Michelle Obama where she called his recent language unearthed in a 2005 Access Hollywood tape "intolerable." Here's a transcript of Donald Trump's speech in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Trump showed up ready to lash out at one of his favorite targets: the media. Trump also referenced a lawsuit he promised to file against the New York Times for printing the accusations of women who came forward this week to say Trump had made inappropriate advances on them. According to a response from the Times, the paper says they'll be happy to see him in court. He claimed the media is reporting the allegations as a way to hurt his chances in the election.

Trump started:

He then quickly launched into his attack on the media.

He then went on his usual riff about trade policies and how American workers are being left behind by the establishment.

"The Clinton Machine is at the center of this power structure," Trump said. He accused his opponent, former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, of meeting with banks in secret to plot against the American economy. The statement was met with a roar of the common Trump rally cry "Lock her up!"

Trump continued:

He went on to denounce what he called the "corporate media." Then he launched into a defense against the allegations from women saying Trump has sexually assaulted or made inappropriate advances on them. Trump's campaign has not responded to Romper's multiple requests for comment.  

He accused the media of ginning up the stories as a way to rig the election for Hillary Clinton.

Here's video uploaded to YouTube that reportedly shows the press being thrown out of a Trump meeting with business people for asking about the sexual misconduct allegations.

Then he made the case for his own election touting his success and "mindset."

He then made his pitch to Hispanic and African-American communities with his "What the hell do you have to lose?" line. Trump concluded with a line that sounds like it's from the movie Independence Day.