Transcript Of Hillary Clinton's Concession Speech Inspires Hope In Her Supporters


It's the speech no one expected her to give: on Wednesday morning, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gave her concession speech after losing to Republican nominee Donald Trump. Before voters headed to polling stations on Tuesday, most polls saw Clinton in the lead, and The New York Times predicted an 85 percent likelihood that she would clinch the presidency. So when Trump made it to 270 electoral votes, it was a surprise to many, Clinton included. A transcript of Hillary Clinton's concession speech shows that although she was not victorious, she remains determined to change our nation for the better.

What likely hits even harder than the surprise turnaround — for both Clinton and her supporters — is that Clinton was winning the popular vote, according to New York Times forecasts. But as the night progressed, Trump slowly won over electoral votes, sitting at 238 electoral votes just after midnight, while Clinton remained at a steady 209 votes. The race was finally called in the early hours of Wednesday morning, after Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta sent supporters home at 2 a.m. Clinton reportedly conceded to Trump by phone soon after, and she took the stage just after 10:30 a.m. at the Wyndham New Yorker Hotel to address her supporters.