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Transcript Of Hillary’s Response To Trump’s Tape At The Second Presidential Debate


The tensions were already running high even before the second presidential debate began. But when nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton took opening questions, all hell broke loose. The question of the night, opened by moderator Anderson Cooper, was of course about the recently released tapes the revealed Trump and Billy Bush having an abhorrent conversation about women. Trump evaded the question by bringing up ISIS, but when Clinton had the chance to respond, she didn't waste the opportunity. In Hillary's response to Trump's tape at the second presidential debate, the Democratic nominee reminded people just how harmful a Trump reign could be. When asked to respond, Clinton said:

The debate moderators didn't waste any time addressing the elephant in the room, and when prompted to respond, Clinton gave a very direct response. But she didn't stop with the video. Clinton didn't hesitate to call Trump out for his about all the marginalized people who he has openly and unapologetically mocked throughout his entire campaign. Even when Trump pulled Clinton's husband into the mix, she Clinton kept her cool and, in the face of high tensions, looked very presidential indeed.