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Transcript Of Michelle Obama’s Speech In Manchester Reinforced How Much Clinton Has Faced


While campaigning for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton Thursday, the First Lady delivered a powerful message about the importance of voting. The transcript of Michelle Obama's speech in Manchester serves as a reminder of the power women hold to sway the election.

During her speech, Obama delivered a strong message to women voters: their voices matter, and they have a tremendous amount of control over the outcome of the presidential election. Addressing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's comments about women, Obama said that "enough is enough," NBC News reported. She implored voters to consider what impact that kind of language has on children, and she expressed the importance of women and men standing in solidarity against Trump's messaging that seems to condone sexual assault. Carried as a live stream via Clinton's YouTube channel, the speech suggested that voters have a moral imperative to work against Trump by going to the polls and voting for Clinton.

Obama spoke about Clinton's record of public service and commended her for taking a job working for her opponent in the 2008 presidential election. She said that anyone "would be so proud" to raise a daughter like Clinton, arguing that Clinton has the power to bring people together and celebrate American diversity in a way Trump never could. The First Lady's speech propelled "Michelle Obama" to be a trending topic on Twitter.

Here's the transcript of Obama's speech:

Obama's speech left many listeners stunned and energized. Her powerful statement against misogyny galvanized voters and served as a reminder of the importance of standing up for human dignity.