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Transcript Of Selena Gomez’s AMAs Acceptance Speech Is Unbelievably Moving


Selena Gomez accepted the award for Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist at the 2016 American Music Awards, and considering it was her first public appearance since a stint in a treatment center earlier this year, we were virtually guaranteed an emotional speech. But the transcript of Selena Gomez's AMAs acceptance speech blew away everyone's expectations.

Gomez has taken breaks from the public eye before, spending her first stint in treatment in 2014, following a lupus diagnosis. The autoimmune disease, which at one point she was treating with chemotherapy, is associated with the anxiety, panic attacks, and depression from which Gomez suffers. With the debut of Revival, her wildly successful sophomore album in 2015, Gomez was able to revamp her image and navigate successfully away from her squeaky clean Disney past. The album explores sexual themes, but in an extremely mature way, markedly subtler than the sexual awakenings of some of her other Disney compatriots. (Not that there's any wrong way to do a sexual awakening.)

But after the end of her American tour of that album, she canceled the international legs and went back into treatment this past August. The 2016 AMAs were her first public appearance since getting out.

Said Gomez in her acceptance speech:

Her raw and vulnerable moment was one of the most memorable of the entire night.