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Transcript of Tim Kaine's DNC Remarks Perfectly Sum Up Wednesday Night's Convention Theme


Tim Kaine might have given the most important speech of his life on Wednesday night. The Democratic vice presidential candidate introduced himself to delegates (and people watching at home) at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, many of whom were getting to know for the first time. This was Kaine's chance to make a lasting first impression on voters before the next phase of presidential campaigning begins — which is why the transcript of Tim Kaine's DNC remarks and the issues he reinforced are so important for the Democratic ticket.

Tim Kaine was only one of the incredible guests who spoke on Wednesday night. Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama also spoke on Wednesday, as well as Dr. Jill Biden, actress Sigourney Weaver, and musician Lenny Kravitz. (Can you imagine having to speak on that stage? It was a lineup that practically rivaled Coachella.) Still, there was no doubt on Wednesday night, once Kaine got on stage, that he belonged there — his words alone proved he was more than worthy.

Wednesday night's theme for the convention was "Working Together." According to the DNC, "speakers [would] take an in-depth look into how hight the stakes are in this election and how Hillary has the experience and steadiness to bring people together to tackle the big challenges and get real results." Kaine could not have done a better job tackling that theme in his own speech.

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PHILADELPHIA, PA - JULY 27: Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine does a walk on the Democratic National Convention stage in Wells Fargo Center on July 27, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Senator Kaine will speak tonight on the third day of Democratic Nation Convention. (Photo by Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images)

If the voting turn out ends in Clinton and Kaine's favor, both Clinton and Kaine will be working very closely together for the next four years. Kaine's remarks fully summed up the importance of Wednesday night's theme while still effectively introducing himself.

Read the full transcript of Kaine's speech below: