Marvel Universe Will Soon Introduce A Transgender Character In An Upcoming Film

by Morgan Brinlee

The Marvel Universe is reportedly set to become a little more inclusive. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige recently revealed Marvel will add a transgender character to its universe sooner rather than later. While Feige was tight-lipped on details, he claimed the film set to introduce fans to Marvel's first transgender character is already being filmed.

While speaking with fans during a Q&A session at the New York Film Academy, Feige was asked if the studio had plans to incorporate more LGBTQ characters into its films, including specifically a transgender character. "Yes, absolutely yes," CNN reported Feige said in response. "Very soon. In a movie we're shooting right now."

Although Feige didn't divulge exactly which Marvel movie would introduce fans to the superhero universe's first transgender character, Yahoo! News has reported that The Eternals is the only Marvel movie known to currently be in production. Geeks WorldWide, however, has previously reported that Marvel was beginning to cast for a transgender female character and speculated the individual cast would likely be playing Sera in Thor: Love and Thunder. According to Geeks WorldWide, Sera identifies as female but descends from a group of all-male angels known as the Anchorite, making her the first and only major transgender woman to feature in Marvel comics. Romper has reached out to Marvel Studios for additional comment and confirmation.

With the expected addition of a transgender character, it seems that Marvel Studios is actively attempting to make the Marvel Universe more inclusive. Feige previously told Good Morning America that The Eternals would feature both Marvel's first openly gay character and deaf superhero. "He's married, he's got a family, and that is just part of who he is," Feige told the morning talk show in August 2019.

Then in July, Marvel confirmed that Tessa Thompson's character Valkyrie, which featured in the 2017 film Thor: Ragnarok and the 2019 film Avengers: Endgame, was the studio's first openly-bisexual superhero, according to Pride magazine. What's more, Marvel's upcoming Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is set to be the studio's first Asian-led superhero flick.

While Marvel fans can apparently expect to be introduced to the studio's first transgender character soon, it's likely this won't be Marvel's last transgender character. According to The Guardian, Feige promised that more transgender characters would feature in future films as well while speaking at the New York Film Academy.