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Travis Scott *Finally* Addressed The Baby Rumors, & Fans Are Going To Freak Out

After fans waited for Kylie Jenner to announce her rumored pregnancy with boyfriend Travis Scott at the end of 2017, it seemed as if she would never do it. For months, fans have been waiting for Jenner or Scott to say something about the pregnancy — whether it is a confirmation or denial of the news. Instead, both have remained quiet, refusing to say anything about the rumors. But on Friday, in a new interview, Travis Scott finally addressed the baby rumors and he was being a little shy about all of it. However, he didn't flat out deny the rumors either, so there is still hope.

In a new interview with Billboard, Scott was asked a lot of questions about his rap career, his music catalogue, and the entertainment industry. But he was asked one very important question by Billboard which led to one very particular answer — if he had spoken to his dad about becoming a father himself after the rumors that he and Jenner were expecting their first child together were made public. Instead, Scott had one thing to say in reply to this question about the rumored pregnancy:

I don't want to talk about that. They're just guesses. Let them keep fishing.

Boom. The great thing about guesses and guessing is that some times, guesses can be right. So who is to say that Scott and Jenner are not expecting their first child together?

And just because he doesn't want to talk about it (and he has every right to not want to say anything), it doesn't mean the rumors are any less true. Fans of Jenner and Scott's know that they are still together, despite recent rumors that they split up, based on the fact that they were posing for photos together on Christmas Eve. So the fact that Scott doesn't want to say anything about Jenner, at all, is highly suspicious. Scott is right, too. Fans will keep on fishing for more hints and clues as to if Jenner really is pregnant or if she will inevitably announce that she is expecting her first child with Scott. They have already been doing that for months without Scott's insistence they do so.

While Scott's new interview doesn't necessarily crack the code about Jenner's pregnancy or give fans more answers than they already know, his words are at least something. This is the first time that people who are directly involved in the pregnancy addressed it, which is pretty major to say the least. Scott has been notoriously shy about his relationship with Jenner and being interviewed in general. This interview at least gives some insight into his private life (and life with Jenner). In the same interview, Billboard asked if Scott had been given advice from his mentor, Kanye West (and Kim Kardashian's husband) about dating someone famous. But Scott remained coy. "I haven't seen him deal with that," Scott said. "I just keep to myself."

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This interview is basically the only thing that Scott has ever said about his relationship with Jenner, which is hard to believe. Some fans believe that there are lyrics that Scott has written about Jenner — but he never actually mentions her by name. Jenner's quotes about Scott have been just as limited and vague. Although, during an episode of her reality show, Life of Kylie, Jenner did reveal that Scott could be obsessed with her, according to Us Weekly, and told TV cameras that she felt "way more free" in her current relationship than her previous ones, according to E! News. Judging from these vague quotes, Jenner is smitten with Scott — and judging by Scott's lyrics you could say the same.

OK, so Scott didn't say much about Jenner's pregnancy in this interview, but at least he said something. And that is enough to tide fans over for a while.