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Tori Spelling Is Being Mom-Shamed For The Snack She Gave Her Kids, & Ridiculous

Another day, another internet stranger attacking celebrity moms for their parenting choices. It's sad, but alas, it's true. For some reason, people think just because someone is famous, they're fair game for any and all scrutiny — whether it's their looks, their style, or even their children. Tori Spelling is definitely one star that has been repeatedly attacked for the way she's raising her kids. Recently though, trolls shamed Tori Spelling for the snack she gave her kids. And Dean McDermott is having none of it.

On Thursday, March 28, the former Beverly Hills 90210 star took to Instagram to share a post that doubled as an advertisement for Little Bites muffins. The post featured two of her five children — daughters Stella, 10, and Hattie, 7 — eating Little Bites strawberry yogurt muffins, according to People. "This mom of 5 finds snack time a balancing act between pleasing my kiddos and feeling good as a parent about what I’m feeding them. #Ad Thank you @littlebitessnacks for being yummy and kiddo approved."

Harmless, right? It's a cute photo of her girls, and she's making some money for her family for talking about what she likes about the product. She's an influencer — celebrities do it all the time, guys. Except, trolls felt it was the perfect time to jump down Spelling's throat about nutrition.

One Instagram user wrote, "Is it just me or is there a giant elephant in the room here ... I’m a huge fan of Tory spelling , but are we really pretending her kids eat healthy?"

Another person commented, "Tori, I feel this product might not be the best choice as advertising for your kids. You must see this, too."

Yet another Instagram user chimed in nastily with, "Famous people should have attractive children anyway. Tori spelling is an ugly failure both as a mother and a celebrity." (Seriously?!)

Spelling's husband, Dean McDermott, didn't waste any time defending his wife. "Hey everybody I am sick and tired, sick and tired, of everybody taking a shot at my wife Tori Spelling," McDermott said in a video posted on his own Instagram account. "Just because she's a celebrity they think they can say and do whatever they want. She posted about a snack. It's a snack, people. Haven't we given our kids a snack before? Cakes, cookies, whatever. It's a snack."

And here's the mic-drop moment:

She's a great mom. We're great parents. Our kids eat healthy. They eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and occasionally they have a snack. So can we get over ourselves?

Yes, please. Amen.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time Spelling has been the target of online mom-shaming. Like that time people freaked out because she let her daughter wear lipstick, according to SheKnows. Or, as USA Today reported, when she fielded a slew of negative comments back in September, 2018, after sharing a back-to-school photo of her oldest four children. Apparently, the trolls weren't pleased with how the kids were dressed. And they didn't hold back with their opinions concerning their bodies, either. "The kids are fat. Fat isn’t healthy,” one Instagram user wrote. "They look a hot mess," another. "The truth is your children are overweight. Is that being negative or stating a fact?" yet another user wrote.

To the trolls, I must ask: Just why? Why do you feel the need to bash a mom and her children online? They're kids, people. And, newsflash, Tori Spelling is an actual human being with feelings. Perhaps the next time you have the urge to call an 11-year-old fat or her mother ugly, you should try to remember this.