The Danger In Trump's EPA Science Mandate

On the fifth day of Trump's presidency, his team has brought to us: another way of denying scientific facts. In a controversial move, Trump and his team have now mandated that any new information obtained by the Environmental Protection Agency must go through someone on Trump's team before it can be released to the public. And while that may sound confusing, at its heart, Trump's EPA science mandate is dangerous for many reasons as well. Many, many reasons, my friends.

It's important to remember that, historically, Republicans and the GOP have been adamant deniers of climate change, and global warming as a whole. And while you can make of that what you will, it's worrisome, to say the least, that a group of people who stand against climate change, and deny its affects on the environment, will now be in charge of any new information regarding said environment, and whether it's shown to the public. While, of course, nothing as of yet can be said of how this new mandate will affect the scientists who work for the EPA, the fact remains that any fears at upsetting the administration aren't exactly unfounded.

Trump's actions against the National Parks Services have already ushered in so-called "rogue" Twitter accounts by many government agencies in which they can air their grievances with the administration and not get in trouble. (Other agencies are already joining in as well.) This could easily be seen as a preview for what our next four years look like if our nation starts to deny citizens freedom to important information. Because while many will continue to disagree, climate change is real, and we as humans, and Americans, have a right to know as much as we possibly can about it.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

However, as Trump's so-called gag orders on the EPA and its staff make clear, climate change, and the environment as a whole, don't necessarily seem to be a pressing issue for this new administration. With his reinstating of construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline, as well as the Keystone XL Pipeline, it's easy to assume that Trump's presidency will not be one that is focused on protecting the environment.

While, of course, the spirit of American truth, justice, and freedom will fight through any regulations that threaten to harm American citizens, we can only hope that Mother Nature doesn't take out her revenge on us now, because we really do love her — we promise.