An investigation into Donald Trump's taxes has prompted parents and kids to share how much more they...

Parents, Single Moms, & Kids All Say They've Paid More In Taxes Than President Trump

An explosive new report from The New York Times has alleged that President Donald Trump paid just $750 in income tax in 2016 and did not pay any taxes for 10 years. Since its publishing, the Times' report on Trump's income tax has prompted parents, and even kids, to share how much they've paid in taxes and other necessary costs. Spoiler alert: They've all paid more than the POTUS.

Claiming a series of financial losses has reportedly allowed President Trump to avoid paying taxes for more than a decade, according to the Times, which obtained nearly two decades of tax-return data for Trump and his companies. In fact, the Times reported Trump paid no federal income tax in 11 of the 18 years the publication had data for. When filing his 2016 taxes following his election to the White House, Trump reportedly paid $750 in federal taxes.

Along with taking tax deductions on things many would consider to be personal expenses such as residences, personal aircraft, and hairstyling, Trump has reportedly used a $72.9 million tax refund to reduce his total tax bill. That refund, however, is currently being audited by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the paper reported.

While the report has prompted outrage among voters who feel the president has not paid his fair share, Trump dismissed the report Sunday, calling it "totally fake news," as USA Today reported. Even so, many have taken to Twitter to express their confusion and frustration.

Single Moms, Disabled Laborers ... Every One Pays More In Taxes Than Trump

"My family [are] construction workers, retail clerks, factory workers, small farmers, single moms, disabled laborers who were almost killed working dangerous jobs," Heartland author Sarah Smarsh tweeted. "Their lives are so hard I literally wrote a book about it. Every one of them pays more in taxes than Donald Trump."

A Single Mom's Monthly Child Care Bill Costs More Than $750

Unsurprisingly, there are a number of things that cost more than Trump's 2016 federal income tax bill, including child care. "I pay more in child care every month — as a single mother — than Donald paid in federal taxes in one year," journalist Maureen Shaw tweeted Monday.

A Summer Intern Paid More

A number of parents reported that even their teenage children had paid more in taxes than the president. "My son paid more in taxes for his summer internship than mister so-called billionaire stable genius paid in 2017," activist, author, and The New Agenda president Amy Siskind tweeted.

Parents Have Spent More On School Supplies Than Trump Spent On Taxes

Even school supplies can total more than Trump's taxes, according to some parents. "My wife and I have paid more money on school supplies for students in 15+ years than Trump has paid in taxes," Aaron Cortez tweeted.

A 9-Year-Old Global Non-Profits Founder Paid More Taxes Than Trump

Girls Have Rights founder Havana Chapman-Edwards reported she'd paid more in taxes at 9-years-old than President Trump.

While Trump Paid $750 In Taxes, A Single-Mom Paid Almost Half Her Income

"In 2016, the year @POTUS was elected, he paid $750 in tax and I paid nearly half my income," author and journalist Janine di Giovanni tweeted. "I'm a single mom and a freelance writer, he's a self-confessed billionaire. I believe in civic duty. Doesn't @realDonaldTrump?"

Three Weeks Of Daycare Cost More Than Trump's Tax Bill For One Mom

For some parents, Trump's tax bill wouldn't even cover a month's worth of child care. "So weird, my baby just looked me in the eye and said clear as day, 'hey mom, pretty wild that you spend more on 3 weeks of daycare for me than Trump pays in income taxes,'" Elizabeth Schroeder tweeted.

A Teen's Part-Time Job Resulted In Higher Taxes Than Trump Paid

"I am a 16-year-old part-time minimum wage worker and I pay more income taxes than the billionaire President of the United States," one Twitter user wrote.

This Single-Mom's Tax Bill Was 3x Higher

While Trump's alleged tax bill prompted a number of jokes, some single moms weren't laughing. "Hard to laugh when you're a single mom trying to put 2 kids through college and you realize you've paid more than 3X the taxes trump pays each year!" one mom tweeted.

A Teen Paid 3x What Trump Paid In Taxes After Just 2 Months Of Work

After launching his own small hairstyling business, one Twitter user's 16-year-old son had to pay three times what President Trump paid in taxes in 2016 after just two months. "It has been hard work persuading a teen that we all pay taxes," Alessandro Rebucci tweeted. "Tonight will be a tough dinner debate."