Twitter Finds LOLs In Zied & Rebecca's Lies On '90 Day Fiance'

Rebecca and Zied's relationship on TLC's 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days has been rife with secrecy from the start. All the filtered photographs, which gave both parties a very different idea of the other's appearance, were a hurtle somewhat easily cleared. It was after that that the secrets started really piling up, which is something these tweet reactions to Zied on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way can't stop laughing about.

There were the usual 90 Day complications for Rebecca and Zied, like cultural differences and awkward family dinners. But it was all compounded by the very big lie of omission Rebecca was sitting on. She hadn't told Zied that she was still married (!), even though she decided to dig into his past with a background check. She discovered that he was unemployed and had never had an on-the-books job, which kind of pales in comparison to the whole still married thing.

And it was that hypocrisy that brought viewers so much amusement on Twitter. They didn't tire of pointing out how absurd the whole situation was, usually with a gif that really emphasized it. Rebecca and Zied's rollercoaster of untruths might not be great for their relationship, but it's certainly giving Twitter a laugh.

Mention It All

Maybe it's a good thing that all the secrets are being revealed, whatever they may be.

Sounds Legit

Perhaps it's not a quantifiable amount of time, but who am I to argue with "so much work"?

The Stress Sweats

Zied's nerves over being caught out weren't quite this pronounced, but this may have been how he was feeling on the inside.

The Word You're Looking For Is 'Hypocrite'

Rebecca is probably feeling pretty lucky that Zied didn't decide to do a background check on her, because the results would be much more surprising.

Lies On Lies On Lies

Perhaps Rebecca is so concerned about Zied being dishonest because she knows just how much she's keeping from him.

Can't Get No Love From Me

For those not in the know, a scrub is a guy who thinks he's fly but is also known as a busta. He's always talking about what he wants and just sits on his broke a**. Whether this label applies to Zied or not is up to viewer determination; this Twitter user seems fairly certain, though.

How About That

It's a valid question. Do two lies cancel each other out? Do five? Does it depend on how big the lie is? These are all inquiries I don't expect answers to, but are things Rebecca and Zied should consider before they start talking wedding rings.


Some say "clues," others say "red flags." Either way, the signs were there.

Career Opportunities

One could argue that Zied did find a job: courting reality TV infamy for getting involved with a stranger from another country. From there, it's just one step away from sponsored Instagram posts.

Pot & Kettle

One could argue that all of the lying is an indication that Rebecca and Zied might not be quite right for each other. Or maybe they're perfect for each other? They're definitely perfect for reality TV.

That's A Real Magic Trick

Unsettling and yet surprisingly accurate: that is the art of choosing gifs on the internet.

Rebecca and Zied still have a long road ahead of them, as long as their increasing honesty doesn't have either of them pumping the breaks.

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days airs Mondays on TLC.