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'Southern Charm' Fans Are Prepared For Ashley To Bring The Drama

Ashley Jacobs' Season 5 stint on Southern Charm was a real rollercoaster. She could always be counted on to stir up a fight at the drop of a hat, and the things that came out of her mouth were memorably horrifying. Yet these tweets about Ashley Jacobs on Southern Charm suggest that viewers missed her more than you'd have expected.

That's probably because no one is tuning into a Bravo reality show to see people being pleasant and well-mannered. The genuine friendships on Southern Charm are definitely part of the appeal, but audiences are also here for the squabbling, shouting, and name-calling that breaks out as soon as the cast is gathered around a table for longer than fifteen minutes. Season 6 has had its share of petty disagreements, but nothing quite on the level of the blow-outs Ashley was responsible for.

So there's more than a little bit of schadenfreude involved here. Fans on Twitter are enthusiastic about Ashley's return because they know something scandalous will follow in her footsteps. She's also able to unite the cast against her; very few of them are on her side, which automatically puts them on the same side. Think of her like the Thanos to the rest of Southern Charm's Avengers.


In the trailer for Season 6 of Southern Charm, Chelsea Meissner succinctly sums up everyone's reaction to Ashley by screaming wordlessly the first time she sees her. It is a scream straight out of Home Alone, silly and funny and totally perfect. Viewers have been seeing it again and again in the lead-up to "Sorry Not Sorry," but now they'll get to watch it unfold as it happens.

She Speaks For Everyone

Chelsea's reaction was so delightful that more than one Twitter user had to comment on it. She manages to say so much without a single word.

Ms. Meredith Blake

This is both stunningly accurate and yet somehow too complimentary. Perhaps one day Ashley will receive the vindication that Meredith Blake has in the pop culture landscape. But it might take a while. She should work some more large hats and red lip looks into her wardrobe until then; it could help win over the viewers.

And Your Little Dog Too

Bravo should score Ashley's slow walk into the party to all kinds of famous scores. The familiar, witchy strain from The Wizard of Oz fits, but the ominous notes of Jaws or some John Carpenter horror would work just as well. The meme is there for the making.

Tell It Like It Is

Though most of Ashley's altercation with the cast was kept from the Season 6 trailer, there is a promising glimpse of Cameran Eubanks reading her for filth. She brings up Ashley calling Kathryn Dennis an egg donor, but it sounds like she's just getting started. Hopefully she will (in the words of another Bravo star) mention it all.


While not every Twitter user was especially kind about Ashely's imminent return, some viewers were eager to see her back on screen. The sentiment may have been motivated by a love of melodrama, but at least someone will be excited to see her, I suppose.

Just In Time

This tweet seems to summarize why some fans aren't mad about Ashley's return. The season hasn't had a villain, and reality TV loves a villain.

Ashley may not have had the warmest welcome in Charleston, but it looks like fans are curious to see what she has to say.