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Tweets About Donald Trump Interrupting Hillary Clinton Prove He's Being Incredibly Sexist

Donald Trump has never been known for his excellent reputation with women. And at the first presidential debate on Monday night, he just reinforced the opinion many women have, that maybe Trump doesn't really respect women as, you know, people. Tweets about Donald Trump interrupting Hillary Clinton constantly at the debate pretty much prove that he's being incredibly sexist.

At the "debate" amongst the GOP candidates back during the primaries, moderator Megan Kelly asked Trump point blank about his comments about women. Trump responded by saying that Kelly had "blood coming out of her... wherever..." And thus people began taking note of Trump's attitude toward women. While Clinton listened patiently (for the most part) while Trump spoke during the debate, he constantly interrupted with eye rolls, sighs, mutterings, and often some good old fashioned mansplaining. And Twitter. Was. Not. Having. It.

Women, as a general demographic, are used to being interrupted by men like Trump. This isn't anything new, unfortunately, and it will probably remain a "thing" for some time. As Clinton spoke, it appeared that Trump was becoming more and more flustered, and in reaction, tended to interrupt her more and more. Again, this is something that will probably not change throughout this election. This trait does not make him look powerful and presidential. It made him look like a misogynistic throwback to the '60s America that feminists have worked hard to move away from. ‌

It's not really a surprise to see Trump engaging in sexist behavior. He has a long history of doing just that. When asked which, if any, women he would appoint to his cabinet if elected president, the only woman Trump could come up with was his daughter, Ivanka Trump. Out of all the women in U.S. history. Ivanka is probably one of the most intelligent and sanest people involved with the Trump campaign, but it doesn't exactly make her qualified to be a cabinet member. (Then again, her father is running for POTUS, too.) He has called all women gold-diggers in 1997, said if she wasn't his daughter he might be dating Ivanka Trump, compared women to architecture, mocked Rosie O'Donnell for her appearance, called women dogs, rated women by numbers... And that's just the beginning. (The Telegraph compiled a list of all of his comments.)

The sexism intrinsic in constantly interrupting a woman is a more insidious form of sexism than some of Trump's more outlandish comments, but it is all the more dangerous for that.