Fans Are Worried About Kate On 'Married At First Sight'

Every Tuesday on Lifetime, fans of Married at First Sight tune in to see what will befall the four couples struggling their way through Season 8. Some of the pairs managed to connect despite the odds, but not Kate and Luke. They've had a difficult time since their wedding day. And in these tweets about Kate from Married at First Sight, fans vent their frustrations about that.

Twitter is the best place to share what you're currently thinking about a show while it's airing, because there are plenty of people who might feel the same way. And a casual perusal of the MAFS tag indicates that people are feeling as overwhelmed by Kate's situation as she probably is. They're confused about Luke's feelings for her. Though he initially stated that kissing her made him feel repulsed (ever a gentleman), it has since been revealed that they've had sex more than once. The mixed messages have fans wanting to know what the truth is.

Viewers also seem a little exhausted by watching the same thing play out week to week: Luke is callous, Kate is upset, rinse and repeat. It's tough to watch sometimes, so fans are prepared to offer Kate advice to resolve the situation. Or, failing that, they can turn to gifs to express how they feel without having to write a word.

Unsolved Mysteries

When Kate told Dr. Pepper that she and Luke had been intimate, she also explained that Luke told her not to talk about it. But it's not clear why, so fans have jumped to the conclusion that Luke is hiding something. Maybe he just doesn't want to talk about sex on TV; maybe he's secretly an alien lizard. Could be anything!

Oh Hi Mark

Sometimes a show makes you so frustrated that you just want to pick your TV up and haul it right out the window. Satisfying, but not exactly cost effective.

Decision Day

This fan doesn't think the experts got it right with any of the Season 8 couples, but they gave a special shoutout to Luke and Kate. At this point, it would be more surprising if they did decide to stay together on decision day.

The Shade Of It All

If you don't have anything nice to say, sometimes it's better to say nothing at all. But make sure your feelings are abundantly clear with your shadiest side eye.


Another fan on Twitter utilized some classic Judge Judy exasperation to demonstrate how they were over Kate worrying about Luke. Worry about you, girl!

Suspicious Minds

A common refrain on Twitter is for Kate to cut her losses and look for love elsewhere. It doesn't seem like Luke is going to magically turn into the perfect husband overnight. Some people just aren't suited to each other.

Quelle Surprise

Okay, it's not the nicest, but once you've recognized a pattern, it's hard not to notice it over and over again. Kate doesn't seem to be happy, and every episode makes that a little more obvious.

A Tough Situation

And that's why some fans can't help but feel sympathetic. Kate came into the experience hoping to find the perfect person for her, and instead she ended up in a situation she never could have bargained for.

Keep Your Comments To Yourself

For those messy benches among us who live for drama, Kate and Luke's marriage certainly delivers. Though it is continually shocking to remember the things he actually said to her, out loud and on TV where everyone could hear him.

What Is Going On?

And, finally, Twitter asks the most important and enduring question: what is going on with Kate and Luke? Why has he gone out of his way to be insensitive to her and why is she sticking it out? Fingers crossed the finale will be able to offer an answer.

With decision day looming ever nearer, fans can only hope that Kate ends the season in a way that feels satisfying to her.