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Tweets About Rio Opening Ceremony Commercial Breaks Are Better Than The Show Itself

You know what's fun? Sitting down every four years and celebrating a tradition. Oh, ha, did you think I was talking about the 2016 Summer Olympics? No, silly. I'm talking about the annual Let's Watch A Ton Of Commercial Interruptions During Something That Only Happens Once Every Four Years (Twice If You Count The Winter Olympics) Event. You know, that one. Joking aside, the reactions to the commercial breaks during the Summer Olympic's opening ceremony are almost more entertaining than the opening ceremony itself. Sorry, Rio — but the people have spoken.

You can't blame the network for trying to earn that money, but damn. Just when you thought you were getting into the show, a commercial takes over. I do have to give the network a little applause for not using a full three minute commercial block — can you imagine that? I'd actually fall out of my seat onto the ground.

But the attention that the commercials got are actually hilarious. Here's one thing we're learning about the Twittersphere — we like our commercials like a Hoodie Allen song — no interruptions.

So, what are the people of the interwebs saying about the commercial breaks? Well, as it turns out, everyone is a comedian/ social commentator, and it's pretty awesome.

Again, I get having to pay the bills. But I came for a show, not a commercial where I just want to buy chicken nuggets now (OK, who am I kidding, I am always into someone selling me nuggets). Let's just understand this is why the show is more than four hours, and accept the fact that the ceremony is giving us great tweets with all these commercials.