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Shep Needs To Check Himself Before He Wrecks Himself On 'Southern Charm'

Shep Rose's behavior during Season 6 of Southern Charm has been especially grating. He puts people down at any opportunity, and has been fixated on ruining Austen Kroll's relationship with Madison LeCroy for reasons that are murky at best. And these tweets about Shep from Southern Charm prove that viewers have had enough. After five years of watching him be rude and entitled under the guise of comedy, fans are over it.

Shep's distaste for Madison has been a recurring problem in Season 6. He's been pushing Austen to break up with her regardless of what Austen wants and when all his trash-talking didn't work, he took things to the next level. In the finale, he brought the two women from Austen's viral threesome video to a party at Patricia Altschul's house with the intention of causing drama between Austen and Madison. It backfired, though, and only served to fracture his friendship with Austen.

The Season 6 reunion didn't help things, either. The response from viewers on Twitter makes it clear that their patience with Shep has thinned considerably. He may have encouraged people to smile and not hurt anyone during the reunion, but that hasn't been his modus operandi on the show. And viewers on Twitter are calling him out on it.

Facts Only

I'm going to let this effortless read stand on its own, because I think it says it all.

A Glimpse Into The Future

Wow, I had no idea Twitter allowed people to peer into the misty waters of the future and receive a vision of the days to come! Absolutely chilling.

Change Of Opinion

A few people on Twitter mentioned that they had always been Shep fans before; his sense of humor happened to work for them. But as time has gone on, the shine rubbed off. Now Shep comes across as petty and mean.

Strong Words

Fans really aren't holding back on social media this season. It doesn't look like anyone is Team Shep in this situation. Madison may have gone too far during their argument in Colorado when she pulled Danni Baird into things, but fans can still agree that Shep has been in the wrong more often.

Soft-Shell Shrimp Are Actually Paragons Of Maturity

I'm not sure I can stand for this insult against soft-shell shrimp. Who's to say they aren't having heartfelt conversations about their feelings? I feel comfortable saying that shrimp are probably more polite than Shep, at least.


Shep's really hitting all the squares on problematic bingo lately, isn't he? Classism, misogyny, toxic masculinity, and racism.

Very Uncool Of You, Blane

You'll never be able to look at Pretty in Pink the same way again. Now it will just feel like a Southern Charm prequel.

Call 'Em Like You See 'Em

I'm just going to leave this tweet here and let it speak for itself.

Craig, Step Up

If only Cameran Eubanks wasn't sitting between them! Just kidding; I would never condone physical violence. Calling Shep on his comments is enough.

Not A Fan

When Southern Charm embarks on its seventh season, Shep might have to change his outlook if he wants to win viewers back. But he's more likely to just continue on his merry way.

Find Your Bliss

However, if nothing changes, then Southern Charm might start to become a real drag to watch. Maybe Shep should take his own advice: smile, and try not to hurt anyone. It's the least he could do.