Tweets About The “Bleep Don’t Stink” Super Bowl Commercial Proves Febreze Knows Their Sh*t

There are two types of people in the world: people who watch the Super Bowl for the football, and people who watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. The tweets about the "Bleep Don't Stink" Super Bowl commercial proves that the latter group is arguably larger than the former. And if that group doesn't outnumber the football fans, they're at least funnier. Like, a lot funnier.

Of course, Febreze had some competition during the Super Bowl. The first Sunday in February is known as prime advertisement real-estate; a chance for brands to prove themselves head and shoulders above the rest. And, yes, humor is relative. What one person thinks is hilarious can be another person's "eh." But Febreze's "Bleep Don't Stink" commercial was hilarious, and Twitter users were quick to jump online to share just how funny the household odor eliminating brand can actually be.

The commercial starts off with Dave, riding in the back of a vehicle. After he introduces himself he proudly says: "My bleep don't stink." Then viewers are introduced to Dave's parents, including his mom, who says: "Well, for a boy whose bleep don't stink, Dave turned out to be a very well-adjusted adult." Then we're introduced to Dave's coach, who says he's a good kid because his bleep don't stink. And while Dave's parents' friends have a son who is a lawyer, that kid has nothing on Dave whose, you guessed it, bleep don't stink.

But then Dave finds Febreze and asks his parents what the hell in god's good odor-free world is going on and, well, the cat is out of the proverbial bag

The entire commercial throws low-key shade at men who think they're magically above reproach, and probably because other people — including but certainly not limited to: their parents, family members, friends, coworkers, teachers, women in their life who are giving them so much unacknowledged, free emotional labor it hurts — are doing the behind-the-scenes work for them. And, of course, Twitter users were quick to take to the internet to share how well they thought Febreze did.

But again, humor is relative, and not everyone was game for the bathroom humor. Here are a few tweets from Super Bowl viewers who were none too impressed by Febreze or Dave's bleep, that, for the record, doesn't stink.

I guess, if I had to be hyper-critical of Febreze, thinking about someone dropping a big, smelly deuce while you're enjoying Super Bowl food of the usually fried, sauce-covered variety isn't the best of plans. There are other, non-poop related things I, for one, would rather think about when I'm stuffing my face with bbq wings and bacon-wrapped, cream cheese-stuffed bell peppers.

But 2018 has proven to be a difficult year already. I mean, it's only Feb. 4, you guys. So, yes, let's all laugh at the bathroom humor and the idea that a grown-ass man had no idea poop smelled because Febreze does a bang-up job of hiding the smell of human feces. I'm here for it. In fact, more than a few Twitter users wanted to tell the world that their bleep don't stink either.

So, here's to 2018 and whatever it has in store. Here's to finding humor in the little things, even if the "little things" includes bathroom humor you'd usually see in a middle school classroom. And here's to all of us being a more confident, more self-assured version of ourselves. I say we should all work towards having the blind confidence of a middle aged man named Dave, who considers himself so wonderful, so capable, and so other-worldly that he truly believed his bleed doesn't stink.

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