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Seeing Tyler In A Kilt On 'The Bachelorette' Has Twitter Swooning

The Jun. 11 episode of The Bachelorette took Hannah and her remaining contestants on their first international trip, and the exotic destination awaiting them after Rhode Island was Scotland. Of course, this meant Bachelorette contestants in kilts and the most popular among them was Tyler. Tweets about Tyler's kilt on The Bachelorette prove that it was the ultimate thirst trap.

The group date, which Tyler was on, immersed the guys in Scottish culture by arranging a Highland games competition for them, complete with kilts. Of course, this was a good look on all of the guys, but Tyler really went above and beyond by keeping his kilt on for the cocktail party later that night. "I saw you creeping, so I brought it back in case you wanted to take another peek," he joked as he and Hannah cuddled up on the couch.

For those of you who don't know, the traditional way to sport a kilt is sans underthings, which meant that censorship bars were liberally used during the group date portion of the episode. Tyler killed the ax-throwing competition, but the wrestling tournament is where kilts went flying and bits got flashed. Needless to say, Tyler succeeded in stoking Hannah's fire and she pulled him over to a conveniently-placed bed for a make-out sesh during their one-on-one time at the cocktail party.

Twitter collectively swooned and Tyler hoped he'd performed dreamily enough for Hannah to give him the group date rose. Alas (a-lass?), it went to Jed, who enjoyed his own steamy make-out sesh with Hannah a little while earlier. For now, though, Tyler's still safe, since there was no rose ceremony at the end of this week's episode. Instead, the episode ended with Hannah and Luke having a tense one-on-one date that culminated in a cliffhanger. Hannah told Luke that she couldn't give him the date rose, but next week's episode shows him — I kid you not — praying on his knees at the altar of a cathedral. So it seems like this won't be the last fans see of Luke just yet.

So far on this season of The Bachelorette Hannah has been admirably unafraid to speak her mind — whether that was calling Luke P. out on his problematic behavior or initiating that extremely steamy kilted make out session with Tyler. It hasn't always been common for Bachelorette leads to be so outspoken and fans are definitely appreciative of Hannah's firm no BS policy.

But if there is one thing fans have appreciated even more than Hannah's confidence it is the sight of certified hottie Tyler C. dominating the Bachelorette Highland Games like dimpled Outlander cosplay. Sure, he may not be getting quite as much camera time as Luke P., but you had better believe he's making the most out of the time he gets. Will he make it to the very end and win fair Hannah's hand? Who knows — but the kilt definitely didn't hurt.