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Tweets & Memes About Glenn's Death On 'The Walking Dead' To Help You Grieve

The death of a beloved television character can leave you in a really weird lurch. They're not a real person, so their death has the muffled distance of fiction, and you're well aware of the fact that the actor who played them is still totally fine. But after spending hours and hours getting invested in a character's life, it's not so easy to just let them go and move on – particularly when their death is a gory one. Emotions are a tricky, complicated thing, but hopefully these tweets and memes about Glenn's death on The Walking Dead will help soothe the sting of his passing a little.

Glenn was an easy character to root for. He was a good guy, and from his very first appearance he proved himself to be the kind of character who could be depended on to make the right decision in a world where insanity was breaking loose left and right. Glenn also had the distinction of being one of the few characters who was around from the very beginning, so audiences had the most time to get attached to him. After his death in the Season 7 premiere, fans took to the internet to deal with their feelings about his passing, whether it was with jokes, memes, gifs, or just an old fashioned case of the sads.

Even the actor who played Glenn, Steven Yeun, hasn't totally come to terms with saying goodbye to the character he played for six years. He told Entertainment Weekly about how confusing the situation was because of all the mixed emotions on display: relief, accomplishment, sadness, and confusion. His time on the show was obviously a positive one, so leaving behind his cast members and the character is bittersweet, particularly because Yeun had to keep the details of Glenn's death a secret.

"I don't know if I've fully processed it yet," Yeun said to Entertainment Weekly, adding:

This is something that will hit me maybe a couple of months from now. Or maybe it'll hit me next year. Maybe it'll be when I'm 45 and all of a sudden I'm just crying in my kitchen and I can't explain why. [...] Personally, for me, I'm not one to cry all the time. I don't cry much in real life. And when you do not cry in real life, the moments that you do cry are very, very fulfilling and cathartic. You realize, maybe I should cry more in general.

Fans could use some of that teary catharsis when it comes to saying goodbye to Glenn, but they'll have to settle for venting on Twitter.