Twin Toddlers Choose Partying Over Sleep

When you share a room with your twin, it's a slumber party every night. For 2-year-olds Andrew and Ryan, the novelty of this event still hasn't worn off. A video of the twin toddlers caught on camera playing all night instead of sleeping — showing the brothers having the absolute time of their lives, despite mom and dad's unawareness of all the fun happening in their otherwise silent home — recently went viral and for good reason. Andrew and Ryan's parents have not yet responded to Romper's request for comment about the hilarious incident, but odds are they're still catching up on some much-needed rest.

The video begins with Andrew and Ryan climbing from their side-by-side cribs, energized and ready for action. After a brief moment of relaxation (and chatting) on their couch, the two then get to work, gathering all of the pillows in their room in order to prepare for — what else — their gymnastics routine. Somersaults abound, followed by some pillow-focused redecorating and a little more crib-hopping. They must have caused quite a bit of noise because (uh-oh) Dad comes in to put the boys back in their respective cribs. This punishment barely lasts; Soon the twins are up and at 'em again, pillows, loveseat chats, acrobatics, and all. The high-speed video ends after mom and dad come back in, give the kids a stern talking to, and put them to bed once and for all.

According to their parents, Andrew and Ryan had been up to no good for some time. Three months of these types of antics resulted in Jonathan and Susana Balkin having to "[remove everything] and [bolt] the furniture to the walls." Given all the jumping, this was definitely the right move. Their parents thought that maybe a couple of big boy beds would solve the issue but, unfortunately, one crib-less moment resulted in the boys being "nonstop all night."

Playing at bedtime is nothing new for Andrew and Ryan. Prior to this, Jonathan shared that in October of last year, the twins managed to tear open their pillows, blanketing their room in down feathers. "We had no idea until the morning they escaped from their cribs. This video is from midnight to 7am," Jonathan noted.

Naturally, the video received viral Facebook acclaim, hitting 12 million views. "When the parents are away the cubs will play... even if it comes at the expense of sleep," Jonathan captioned his post. He also shared that, since it garnered so many views, the family's been "overwhelmed by the outpouring of love" that's been sent their way. Love is one thing, but it's possible that Jonathan and Susana are also looking for solutions as to how to get their toddlers back to bed for good. Maybe more tumbling during the day could tucker the twins out by nightfall?

(Watch the full video here)