Everyone Can Go Home Now, Because These Pregnant Women Just Won Halloween

Being pregnant through the holiday season can definitely have its disadvantages — skipping out on spiked eggnog and other festive adult beverages, coping with food aversions, and struggling with nausea amid family get-togethers are among them. However, for those who are lucky enough to be pregnant during Halloween, that bump can inspire some pretty creative costume ideas. From painting bellies to making a growing midsection the central part of the theme, moms-to-be have come up with some pretty entertaining concepts this year. And it seems Twitter can't get enough of these pregnant women's Halloween costumes.

Whether it's cutely-painted bellies, gory monsters bursting from their wombs, or movie-inspired costumes, the pregnant ladies are killin' Halloween 2017. The best part? These women are living examples that an awesome get-up for the holiday doesn't have to be expensive, nor does it require a lot of time. A little paint and voila! A pumpkin belly. A red and white striped shirt paired with a hooded sweatshirt and skirt overtop pants? The title character from the movie, Juno. Personally, I'm loving this couple who went as Paulie and Juno from the 2007 movie. On Twitter, Grace Lubeck wrote: "#pregnancy limits costume options, but I think we did alright! #HalloweenWeekend #juno"

Sometimes, it's easier to pull off a prego costume as part of a set. Like this referee chillin' out with a basketball in the process of scoring. Swish! Two points for creativity.

And then there are the mamas-to-be who prefer their costumes on the more gruesome end of the spectrum. "At 39 weeks pregnant, you can do some creative Halloween things," Criag Needles captioned this photo of a shark gnawing its way out of a pregnant belly.

Here's another gory — and in my opinion, scarier because it's even more realistic — shot of baby appendages ripping through a mother's womb. "My pregnant sister’s Halloween costume is epic!" Drew Reliford fittingly captioned the photo on Twitter.

For those with a twisted sense of humor, all you need for a costume is men's clothing, a Sharpie to draw on some facial hair and a beer can to carry around. Behold: A dude with a beer belly! "I can't with my damn costume. Only thing that looked good with a 9 month pregnant belly," an expecting Cari wrote on Twitter.

Others took their cues from pop culture of year's past. Like Krang — the super-villain from Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles. Creepy AF, huh?

And hey, if your belly is particularly round on Oct. 31, why not just cut some corners and go as a ball? "My sister took full advantage of being pregnant on Halloween and dressed as a pokeball," a Twitter user named Taylor captioned this photo.

This one is an oldie but a goodie from 2015 — featuring the pregnant belly as an avocado pit. Will there ever be a time when this isn't adorable?

But honestly, I think this BB8 costume from last year wins them all. And I love that the baby still went as the beloved robot for his first Halloween outside of the womb.

Throwing on a pre-made Halloween maternity T-shirt before heading out to trick-or-treat with the kiddos can be a great option. I've seen ones with pumpkins on the midsection and little sayings, like: "Mommy's little pumpkin," or one that read "Pumpkin smuggler." The possibilities are endless.

My first child was born in August, so I missed the opportunity to dress up my pregnant belly. However, his little sister is a January baby. So you can bet I took full advantage of the fact that I had a decent-sized bump when Oct. 31 rolled around. Since I'm not very creative with actually making costumes, I found a cute shirt that said it all. It was all black and on the belly, it had a baby skeleton — sporting a pink bow on its skull.

I think if I were to ever be pregnant on Halloween again, I'd consider hiring someone to paint my belly. Because YOLO — and I love Halloween!

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