Twitter Changed From Favorites To Likes, And Wow, People Have A Lot Of Feelings On Hearts Versus Stars

by Jessica Blankenship

Ah, another day, another perfectly "worthwhile" reason to unleash our collective ire: Twitter is replacing "favorites" with "likes"—turning stars into hearts (I legit want some Lucky Charms right now)—and apparently this is a change that is too profoundly important to the emotional well-being of a great number of people because half of Twitter is losing their collective chill today over the change. 

Look, I'm not really one to tell people how to live their lives (unless they're manspreading or thinking about using "Seacrest" as a first name for their kid or something equally and inarguably egregious), but it's starting to make us all look like we have too much time on our hands when every single time any social media platform unrolls even the most minute change, we all become fully unhinged, like the very ground beneath us has opened up and is threatening to engulf everything we love. No one likes change, but you guys, we cannot keep embarrassing ourselves like this. Can we please, for the sake of our overall dignity as a species, agree to throw on some faux-nonchalance next time a social media platform evolves in some marginal way? Like, "Oh. I see you've changed your image dimensions again, Instagram. That's cool. I'm unaffected. This is the smallest deal to me." If we can pull that off, I'll buy everyone a drink while we anxiously rethink our entire ~personal branding~ strategy. 

Anyway, here's everyone losing their minds about Twitter changing the way you tell someone you didn't like their tweet enough to retweet it:

This person knows my truth:

And as usual, El-P nails it:

Image: Showtime