These 4-Year-Old BFFs Are *Convinced* They're Twins & Twitter Is Totally Smitten

Having a best friend is the best thing in the world, if only because it feels so good to know that there's someone out there who just gets you. Often, the bond is so strong that it feels like you've been separated at birth, just like these two 4-year-old best friends who swear they're twins because they think they have the same birthday, even though they don't even share that. But who cares? If they say they're besties, they're besties, according to pretty much everyone on Twitter who's obsessed with this story.

Here's the deal: Jia and Zuri are two toddlers from Miami who "instantly" became friends last year when they met at school, according to what Jia's mom Ashley Sarnicola told BuzzFeed News. Sarnicola added that she feels lucky to be sending her daughter to a school in Miami that's so diverse.

"In their class at school, there are six different languages between the 15 kids," she told BuzzFeed. Sarnicola and Zuri's mom have also become friends through the playdates and have tried to teach the girls that "being different is cool, and to make friends with new people every day."

Sarnicola said that her daughter and Zuri are basically the same kid. "[They have] the same vibrant energy, intelligence, heart to take care of others, and both [are] extremely vocal about their needs. They love to dance and sing."

They're also not afraid to stand up to the haters.

Since their birthdays are two days apart in June, the two girls had a joint birthday party and dressed in the same clothes. Ever since, according to their moms, they've been swearing that they're twins. Because, well, they're best friends and celebrated their birthday on the same day. But some kids at school just weren't having it and took the girls to task, saying that because their skin wasn't the same color, they couldn't be related.

Jia was not having it. According to a now viral text message that Sarnicola posted to Twitter, Jia got a little weepy when the other girls didn't accept that they were twins, but shut it down with just a few words.

"You don’t know anything, we are twins because we have the same birthday and the same soul," she allegedly told the other girls, according to her mom.

Just Look At These Two

Twitter Is Loving Their Attitude

Really, if the girls say they're twins, they're twins, OK? Zuri's older sister explained to Yahoo how it all went down:

So my sister Zuri and her best friend Jia were at the birthday party, and they had been telling anyone that would listen that they are twins. They think that they are twins because they celebrate their birthdays together. They haven’t realized that they are actually two days apart … but they do know they’re the same age, four, are in the same class, and do just about everything together.

One day, they'll figure out on their own that the "twins" title has a more precise definition, but their version works for now. Zuri's sister definitely thought it was hilarious that the two were taking over social media. She posted a picture of the duo on Twitter doing a media interview and wrote, "Jia out here waiting for somebody to try them and say they aren’t twins & Zuri cheesing hard AF cause she know Jia gonna hold it down."

Their bond seems strong enough that one day, when they realize they're not related IRL, they'll be able to manage. They'll definitely have different experiences in the world as they grow up, but let's all hope Jia and Zuri stay friends forever. Everyone should be so lucky find someone they can "share a soul" with.

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