'Bachelor' Fans Adore Tayshia's Dad For All Of The Right Reasons

Hometowns are arguably the best episodes of the Bachelor because they revolve around the lead meeting the contestants' parents, which is the perfect recipe for entertaining TV. While there has been some standout parents throughout the years, Twitter loves Tayshia's dad this season. Not only does he tell it like it is, but he's the most sensible guy to have ever graced this franchise.

I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like for a parent forced into a Bachelor hometown date. Not only does a random guy show up to your house expecting a full sit-down dinner (what's wrong with takeout, folks?) but then he corners you to talk about a variety of serious subjects. And if you're the dad in this situation (because apparently it's 1900 and men are still the gatekeepers of their daughters' futures) you are expected to give this stranger your blessing to marry your daughter by evening's end. Sigh.

Although I do enjoy watching a visibly uncomfortable dad bumble around a staged backyard barbecue, Tayshia's dad was a breath of fresh air Monday night. Instead of playing along with the Bachelor 's tropes, he called them out.

“You can’t just microwave a relationship," he quipped about Tayshia and Colton's lightning fast romance, a line that won him the approval of many fans.

"Tayshia’s dad just dropped the realest line on The Bachelor," one fan tweeted.

Fans were also appreciative of the fact that Tayshia's dad asked Colton about his relationships with the other women. "Hats off to tayshia's dad for being real," one person commented. He asked if he's in love with other girls, and didn't give his blessing. That's very reasonable, and he was respectful about it.

Not only that, but he didn't put a front up like the other dads supposedly did. "When Tayshia’s dad is the only father that told the truth," someone captioned an amazing GIF of Meryl Streep clapping.

Tayshia's dad also refused to give his blessing at one point, stating: “It’s too fast, I don’t give my blessing."

"Tayshia’s dad for BIP bartender," one person said after he decided against the blessing.

But the love for Tayshia's father was ultimately short-lived because he gave his blessing after all.

"Not gonna lie, I’m a little disappointed that Tayshia’s dad changed his mind and gave his blessing," a viewer penned.

"I feel like #TheBachelor producers held Tayshia’s dad hostage until he gave the blessing," another person joked.

I'm somewhat surprised Tayshia's dad changed his mind about the whole thing because of his reputation as a tough guy.

"I think my dad might be a little apprehensive, a little closed off," Tayshia told Colton about her dad prior to hometowns. "But it's just because he's very protective over me."

Tayshia explained that her last relationship really did a number on her dad, adding:

I think the way that my last relationship ended was really hard on my family, especially my dad. And I think that's because he knew how hurt I was and how much I went through. Like, if I'm trying to be in his shoes, it sucks as a dad to see your daughter go through things like that and to know that you can't really protect her, and try to like, stop all the hurt.

While Tayshia's father didn't stick to his guns in the end, at least he gifted fans with some great one-liners. Anyone who can use microwave and relationship in the same sentence is a gem in my book.

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