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Twitter & Meme Reactions To Trevor Noah's Fiery Political Debate With Tomi Lahren

By now, everyone has heard about last night's Daily Show interview with one of the most well-known conservative political commentator, a host of TheBlaze. The video of Daily Show host Trevor Noah's fiery political debate with Tomi Lahren went viral almost immediately after it aired.

Many of the most outspoken viewers on Twitter were impressed with Noah's calm and level-headed handling of the debate. Lahren, a massively well-watched conservative voice in media, is known for her incendiary and often controversial comments regarding topics like the Black Lives Matter movement. Given that Lahren's and Noah's viewpoints were so clearly diametrically opposed, going into the interview, many might have expected it to devolve into anger.

Instead, the two had an overwhelmingly calm and reasonable discussion – which might seem anticlimactic, but, given the disaster it could have been, was actually surprising and relieving. Individual segments of the most popular portions of the interview were shared and oft-retweeted on Twitter. A condensed version of the longer interview aired on Comedy Central (something that Lahren was not thrilled about), with the interview in its entirety being shared on the channel's website after its airing.

Lahren tweeted out the video of the full 26-minute interview, remarking that she'd had a great time appearing on the show and respected Noah's opinion despite their diverging views.

In response to "name-calling" from both Lahren and Noah supporters, Lahren tweeted that neither was deserving of the names they were being called and were just "people with opposing views." Noah quoted her tweet, thanking her for appearing on the show and assuring her that she was welcome back anytime.

While not everyone was thrilled that Noah kept it calm and cordial with Lahren – and, to be clear, I don't necessarily think it's an accurate representation of events to portray this as Noah having "eviscerated" or "destroyed" the conservative commentator – plenty of hilarious tweets and memes emerged in the aftermath of the interview going viral. Some of the most popular memes of the year made their appearance under the "Trevor Noah" trending tag on Twitter.

There were also plenty of apt gif reactions shared by viewers, especially in response to Noah asking Lahren how black people should protest in America given her vocal past criticisms of both Colin Kaepernick and BLM protestors.

Though both participants kept it cool while arguing their points, Noah is on a show that's all about taking on politics and the news with a humorous and/or satirical slant. He slipped in a few funny one-liner responses here or there, a few of which quickly gained traction on Twitter.

Since picking up the mantle after Jon Stewart retired last year, Noah has caught flack from long-time Daily Show viewers and the media who had only ever been accustomed to Stewart's signature style of reporting and interviewing. But Noah's interview with Lahren proved without a doubt that he's an incredibly articulate, intelligent man who's more and more coming into his own as the host of The Daily Show.