The Beyhive Has Completely Taken Over Twitter With Reactions To 'Homecoming'

One year after Beyoncé's historic set as the first black woman ever to headline Coachella, the Queen Bey herself released a documentary about the process on Netflix, appropriately titled Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé. Twitter reactions to Homecoming were as overwhelming as you'd expect, and the documentary is gorgeous. The two-hour and 17-minute film contains the entirety of her Coachella set, but the live concert footage is interspersed with the creative and rehearsal process, and plenty of revelations from Beyoncé herself about how challenging it was to pull off Coachella less than a year after giving birth to twins Rumi and Sir.

Of course, Bey was supposed to play the festival the year before, in 2017. But her surprise pregnancy derailed the performance and she wound up canceling. (Lady Gaga would replace her, becoming only the second woman to headline solo after Bjork in 2002 and 2007.) Beyoncé discloses all the gnarly details of her difficult pregnancy and how unbelievably grueling it was on her body to deliver (see what I did there) the performance that her fans were expecting. In fact, she confidently reveals in Homecoming that she'll never push herself that far again, which could be interpreted to mean that the era of high-energy Bey dance routines has come to a close.

"I feel like I'm just a new woman in a new chapter of my life and I'm not even trying to be who I was," she sagely confesses in Homecoming. "It's just so beautiful that children do that to you." So it's understandable that Twitter is extra hyped to have this epic performance and the story behind it preserved in Homecoming.

Plenty of people on Twitter were feeling the stress of Homecoming dropping in the middle of the work week, and it's easy to see why. Beychella's HBCU-themed spectacle was awe-inspiring enough, whether you were there live and in person, or just tuning in via livestream. But Homecoming unpacks the level of detail and intentionality that went into every element of spotlighting and uplifting HBCU culture. Beyonce reveals in a voiceover paired with some of the rehearsal footage that she always dreamed of attending an HBCU, but that Destiny's Child was her college, and life was her teacher. She wanted to capture a young black experience that she felt both a part of and as if she had missed out on, which was the inspiration for the show's concept.

She often refers to the different elements of the show as "characters," saying, "I don't want us all doing the same thing." The marching band, for example, reflected one iconic piece of HBCU life, the steppers another, and the drum majorettes another. And all the characters coming together told the story of life at an HBCU.

And, of course, because "your faves are overrated" Twitter can't read the room, plenty of contrarians jumped out to make their super unique, very-important-to-the-discourse opinions known. But don't worry; the Beyhive swiftly contained them. Beyoncé stans have made clear nothing can stop the Homecoming celebration this week.