Twitter Isn't Here For The Sloth On 'The Bachelor'

Just when you thought you had seen everything there is to see on reality television, a contestant dressed up as a sloth on The Bachelor. As for Twitter's reaction to the attention grab? Viewer reactions might be the most entertaining thing to come out of Monday's premiere.

If you've watched all 22 seasons of The Bachelor, then you probably have no patience for contestants who dress up in costume or try to get the lead's attention with a corny gag. A perfect example of this? Look no further than Alexis from Season 21, who tried to capture Nick Viall's heart with a dolphin costume. The moment went viral because many people confused Alexis' getup for a shark, a mix-up that producers (and Alexis, for that matter) won't let viewers forget. In fact, Alexis is often referred to "Shark/Dolphin Girl" in the press.

A contestant named Alex D. pulled an Alexis for Colton, dressing up as a sloth and speaking really slowly to get her point across.

"Hi Colton. I heard you take things... slow....ly," Alex D. says to Colton after stepping out of the limo.

"Oh boy, this is going to take forever," a seemingly non-impressed Colton replies. Sigh. Why is ABC rewarding bad behavior? Why? Twitter is feeling as tired as I am, apparently, because viewers can't stop venting about this dang sloth.

"We have a sloth, a dog, a cop car, a Cinderella carriage, two women in the same dress, two pageant foes, a fake Australian, and countless lesser gimmicks, and they spent an hour making us look at random people cheering?!" one person tweeted.

"The sloth girl is an IRL representation of how this premiere is going," HuffPost Senior Wellness Editor Lindsay Holmes wrote, summing up this live event perfectly.

Another commenter chimed in: "Sloth girl prob should've ran that idea past someone."

Then there are some amazing memes and GIFs to enjoy.

As expected, the sloth stayed in character for a good chunk of time after her limo exit. Some people applauded her commitment to the bit, which I suppose is fair.

"Props to the sloth for committing to their character," someone wrote.

"The dedication to the sloth character is the most commitment we’ve seen on the show," someone else chimed in.

"I hope the sloth never breaks character," one commenter penned.


Anyways, here's the scoop on Alex D. Her bio states, according to ABC:

A New England girl through and through, Alex was born on Cape Cod, went to college at University of Massachusetts and now lives in Boston. When she's not cheering on the Patriots or the Red Sox, she's working as an account manager for an IT staffing agency. Alex talks fast, but tends to move slowly...verrrrrrrrrrry slowly.

Yeah, I think it's safe to say viewers get the whole sloths move slowly thing at this point. #BachelorNation is good for now, Alex D.

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