Twitter Reacts To Rickon’s Death On 'Game Of Thrones' With Outrage

Who screamed loudest upon Rickon's gut-wrenching death in the Game of Thrones Season 6 "Battle of the Bastards"? The internet, of course. After cutting Rickon loose to run across the battlefield, Ramsay manages to mow him down with a bow and arrow. Twitter reacted to Rickon's death with just as much horror as Hodor's, if with a little less surprise.

Jon Snow, Ser Davos, Tormund, and Sansa all have a calm, level-headed conversation the night before Bastard Bowl is to take place, deciding that the best course of action, considering they are outnumbered by Bolton armies, is to hold back and wait until they are attacked, rather than storming the Bolton armies offensively. Of course, Ramsay has a plan in mind to lure Jon Snow's men into attacking and it involves one tiny Starkling. Rickon, it turns out, is still alive, and Ramsay trots him out into the middle of the battlefield with great fanfare. Jon starts to approach, but Ramsay draws a knife. Everyone clenches their butts real tight for a second, but it turns out Ramsay is only cutting Rickon free from the rope that binds him. He instructs Rickon to run down the middle of the battlefield, between the two armies, toward Jon. Throughout the harrowing scene, Twitter users had a lot of feelings:

Basically, Rickon takes off running, and Jon hurtles toward him on horseback. While the two armies hold steady, Ramsay withdraws his bow and arrow and starts shooting at Rickon as he runs. For maximum suspense, he misses quite a few of his first attempts, but, as many Twitter watchers noticed, Rickon's running-in-a-straight-line technique doesn't bode well for him. Just before Rickon reaches Jon Snow, Ramsay sinks an arrow into his heart, killing him in the middle of the field. Jon charges toward Ramsay, who orders his men to sent a flurry of arrows into the field. Several more pierce Rickon for good measure, and Jon's horse goes down, too. But Ser Davos gets his men to the front lines just as Jon is about to lose his head, and the battle begins in earnest.

Alas, poor Rickon, we hardly knew ye. And yet, with his death, we have yet another true heir to Winterfell in line and that's Bran, who is unfortunately off being the realm's new Three-Eyed Raven right now. At the very least, Stark banners are flying over Winterfell again for the first time in ages, and that's a sight for sore eyes.