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Tyler & Hannah Have 'Bachelor' Nation's Support On "After The Final Rose"

Hannah Brown's The Bachelorette finale went about as off-script as the show ever has, with her asking her runner-up out on a date after her engagement went down in flames. And Twitter's reaction to Tyler and Hannah on The Bachelorette on "After the Final Rose" prove just how strongly fans are shipping it.

The two-part finale was an emotional rollercoaster, from Hannah's parents totally hating Jed to Hannah breaking off her engagement. In fact, Tyler only appeared in about the first 20 minutes and the last 20 minutes of the final episode; everything in between was dedicated to the downfall of Hannah and Jed. Fans spent the first half of the episode tweeting their understandable devastation and demanding justice for Tyler. Luckily, they only had to wait until the end of the episode to get it. He may not be the next Bachelor, but Tyler did (kinda sorta) get the girl (back). When he came out on stage after Hannah had finished telling off Jed, Tyler got some of the biggest applause the audience doled out all night. Even Chris Harrison joked, "I feel like I should just leave. It's like the damn Beatles just walked in here."

Normally under these circumstances, a runner-up would get a chance to process their breakup one last time, asking any lingering questions, and hopefully finding closure. But this finale was a little different.

This was the first time the couple had been reunited since Greece, and Tyler admitted he was "excited" to see Hannah after their tough breakup. (He was probably even more excited after that other guy's tough breakup, but I digress.)

"I have so much respect for you," Tyler told Hannah, adding, "I loved watching this season, how powerful and strong you've been."

He divulged that he watched the season at home with his "buddies" (stop!), cheering Hannah on all the while, and reiterated that he was in awe of her all season long. He also went on to say that when Hannah dumped him, he was "in full support" because he believed he was leaving her "in good hands" with Jed. Of course, that turned out not to be the case, and things took a turn.

"It's been tough to see her go through what she's gone through," Tyler continued, "But she's a fighter. She's one of the strongest people I've ever met, so I know she'll bounce back. The world is hers and I know that."

He even confessed that he got so nervous on the morning he was going to propose to her that he vomited. Hannah thanked him for being supportive and respectful, both during and after the journey, and bravely admitted that her feelings for Tyler definitely didn't disappear just because he didn't receive her final rose.

Thankfully, Tyler was very open to grabbing drink and seeing where he and Hannah stood in a post-Jed landscape, much to Twitter's delight. For now, that's about as happy as Hannah's ending is going to get.