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Twitter Is So Confused About This 'HTGAWM' Detail

How to Get Away With Murder loves to end an episode with a whiplash-inducing reveal, and "He's Dead" was no different. Its final moments were so confusing that they left Twitter thinking Wes was still alive on HTGAWM. Frank was so desperate for answers about the missing hard drive Laurel had stored in her purse (the one that contained some key information about her dad's company, Antares) that he kidnapped Dominic, Laurel's childhood friend-slash-dad's hired assassin-slash-Wes' murderer. When Dominic didn't provide any answers, Frank killed him.

But he may regret taking Dominic out so quickly. A cursory search of Dominic's phone revealed a voicemail from a familiar and long gone character: Wes. The episode cut to a scene of Wes sitting in the back of a cab and calling up his emergency contact, who appeared to be Dominic. "It's Christophe," he said. "I'm in trouble. We all could be. Call me as soon as you get this."

Confusion immediately exploded on Twitter as fans tried to figure out what they'd just seen. How long had the voicemail been there? When did Wes make the call? Was Wes actually alive and just casually driving through town, calling up the person who supposedly killed him? The answer is pretty simple, but the tweets remain hilarious.

A show like HTGAWM definitely lends itself to conspiracy theories, and Wes secretly being alive wouldn't necessarily be the most outlandish thing to ever happen on this show. There was a period of time where his body seemingly disappeared, and ultimately Wes and Dominic were the only ones who knew exactly what went down in those final minutes. Perhaps what the audience was shown wasn't actually what happened. Maybe Dominic and Wes actually crafted a Romeo and Juliet-style plan to fake his death and keep him out of the line of fire.

As amazing as it would be if Wes waltzed back onto the scene after his incredibly distressing death, the odds are slim to none. Fans saw his body in the morgue after the fire and it was pretty clear that he was gone for good. It would stretch realism beyond recognition if Wes was only faking. His body was clearly and visibly burned; he can't possibly stroll up without a scratch almost a year later. This is not Pretty Little Liars. There are no strangely realistic rubber mask twists to be found here.

The truth of the matter is that the scene of Wes leaving the voicemail for Dominic was a flashback. It can be hard to keep all the time-jumping on the show straight, but fans had actually already seen Wes' half of the conversation. They just didn't know who his emergency contact was until now. But back when Wes was traveling between the police station and Annalise's apartment before the fire, he did make a call.

At the time, fans theorized about who Wes called, speculating that it could have been one of the Mahoneys (remember them?), but no one knew for sure. Now it's been confirmed that it was Dominic, though that just raises even more questions. How did Wes and Dominic know each other? How did Dominic know Wes' real name? Why would Dominic kill him if they were working together? Unfortunately, with both of them gone, the answers might be harder to find than ever.

There's more to this story than meets the eye, but unfortunately it doesn't look like the twist is that Wes was actually alive the entire time. Instead, it seems like he was caught up in something neither the viewers nor the other characters had any idea about. Hopefully the rest of Season 4 clears things up before Twitter gets too tangled up in theories.

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