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Fans Really Want To See 'The Bachelor' Fence Jump, Like Now

by Gillian Walters

In the trailer promoting this season of The Bachelor, Colton Underwood is seen jumping a fence as an exasperated Chris Harrison calls after him. The scene looks like, dare I say it, the most dramatic moment ever. And now the only thing fans want to see is The Bachelor fence jump. It's a fair request considering this season hasn't been that thrilling for the most part.

In total transparency here, the first episodes of The Bachelor can be incredibly boring. There are a lot of filler scenes, stale getting to know you type banter, and eye-roll worthy group dates. So, it's really no surprise why many fans are dying to see Colton jump a freaking fence. Can we fast forward to this glorious moment, like, now?

As for those of you who aren't already familiar with the fence scene, it shows a frustrated Colton storming off in the darkness towards a fence. "I'm f—king done," he shouts while hopping over the barrier, before the camera cuts to Chris Harrison uttering, "Holy sh—t," according to Refinery29.

Harrison described the jump as an "athletic accomplishment," telling Us Weekly:

There’s a lot to be said about the fence-hopping scene. I was approximately ten yards behind him when it happened. I may or may not have been the reason that he hopped the fence. To the actual athletic accomplishment of the fence jump … you have to understand, the fence was about 6-foot-5, 6-foot-6. He did not touch the fence or touch the top of the fence after his feet left the ground. Go try that! Spoiler alert, I did try it later.

During Monday night's episode, the hype surrounding Colton's jump revved up again on social media.

Colton even got in on the discussion, tweeting on Sunday: "I jump the fence on a Monday."

Ha! At least Colton isn't afraid to poke fun at himself.

So, when will this highly-anticipated moment happen? Twitter is counting down the seconds.

"Me, ready for Colton to finally... jump the fence!" someone captioned a GIF of a raccoon chowing down on blueberries.

"Alright, I've had enough," someone else joked. "When is Colton gonna jump the fence."

"Whatever producer decided to show the clip of Colton jumping the fence to keep viewers engaged..... good call," someone else said. "WHEN DOES HE JUMP!?"

"@ktbgoodwin and I are chanting 'JUMP THAT FENCE' just in case you were all wondering where our priorities lie," one person wrote.

A viewer chimed in: "If I sit through another episode of #thebachelor where Colton doesn’t jump a fence, I will be livid."

"DUMP BOTH OF THEM AND JUMP THE FENCE COLTON!!!" a fan tweeted about the fight between Onyeka and Nicole.

If you're wondering whether Colton finally jumped the fence by the episode's end, the answer is tragically no. The episode ended with an extremely angry and frustrated Colton walking alone on the beach, while the ladies speculated about what had set him off.

Until next week, #BachelorNation.