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Tyrion & Dragons Interacted On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Furthering Suspicions That He’s A Targ

Tonight in Game of Thrones' "Home," Tyrion Lannister got up close and personal with Daenerys' remaining dragons – and it went surprisingly well. Tyrion may claim that his talents are merely to know things and get drunk, but his dragon knowledge – and subsequent dragon whispering – seemed a lot more like proof of one major fan theory. Tyrion and the dragons interacting furthers suspicions that he's a Targaryen.

In discussions of what to do in Mereen, Tyrion dazzled Daenerys' remaining crew with his dragon expertise. Dany's dragons have been in captivity for a while now, but Tyrion felt that they should be free. The problem? Someone had to go down to their dungeon prison and free them. Since Tyrion was the apparent dragon expert, he took the task upon himself. This definitely seemed like a big sign: one of the biggest theories of the book series is that Tyrion is actually a Targaryen, not a Lannister, which makes his dragon connection a huge deal. Those suspicions only seemed to grow once Tyrion actually came into contact with the dragons. After a couple of casual jokes to break the ice, Tyrion and Dany's remaining dragons basically became besties. And we all know how much Targaryens and dragons get along.

The dragons had been living unhappily in their dungeons for a while, trapped and chained up. They're not so easy to approach, however; anyone who tries risks becoming barbecue. Tyrion was able to talk the dragons down until they were basically as calm as kittens. He could approach them, touch them, and even unlatch their collars. Once he did so for the first dragon, the second easily offered up his own for unlocking. For creatures that have been famously loyal to their mother and their mother alone, it was a real surprise for them to warm to Tyrion so quickly. Then again, he did let them know that he was a friend of their mom's.

Does this mean Tyrion is a Targaryen? It's hard to say. It definitely adds a sizable piece of evidence to the pile. Dragon whispering is a Targaryen trait and if Tyrion possesses it, it may well be because he has Targaryen blood. That would definitely throw Tyrion's identity into disarray considering how important his Lannister connections and his prickly relationship with his late father are to who he is. If he's a Targaryen, that would mean that his father is actually Aegon, the Mad King, and it would also mean that he's Dany's older brother. This could either bring them closer or cause some serious trouble.

Everything is starting to fall into place on Game of Thrones and Tyrion's questionable heritage might be another piece of the puzzle.