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These Tyrion Targaryen Theories Are Too Evident For 'GoT' Fans To Ignore

Despite being born into a powerful family that ended up sitting on the Iron Throne of Westeros, Tyrion Lannister was always an underdog. Trouble began for him from birth, when he earned the eternal ire of his father Tywin for two reasons that were beyond his control: one was that Tyrion's birth caused the death of his mother Joanna, and the other was that Tyrion was a dwarf. But fans began to theorize that not all was what it seemed with Tyrion's birth; in fact, there could be dark secrets there to uncover. Tyrion Targaryen theories prove Game of Thrones Season 7 could explore what those secrets are.

The revelation that Jon Snow was actually the secret child of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targayen answered questions fans had had for years about his heritage. Although Tyrion's lineage seemed much less mysterious, similar questions about him have plagued fans. A few clues in the original books led people to believe that Tywin Lannister might not be Tyrion's father at all — much like Jon, he could actually have Targaryen blood.

At first glance it might sound pretty farfetched, but some of these theories make a compelling case for Tyrion secretly being a Targaryen.

The Mad King's Obsession

Before Robert Baratheon took over the throne, Westeros was ruled by Aerys Targaryen, also known as the Mad King. Aerys was obsessed with Tyrion's mother Joanna. It may not have been quite as clear in the show as in the books, but he was inappropriate with her on her wedding night to Tywin and potentially for years after. This theory posits that Aerys may have raped Joanna, resulting in Tyrion's birth. That would make Tyrion Daenerys' older half-brother.

You Are No Son Of Mine

When Tyrion killed his father, Tywin's final words to him seemed significant: "You are no son of mine." While it could have been one last nasty insult from a man who had always been cruel, some fans may have interpreted it more literally. Tywin could have been honestly telling Tyrion that he was not his son, but rather Aerys'.

Three Heads Of The Dragon

When Daenerys visited the House of the Undying, she had a vision in which her deceased brother Rhaegar remarked that "the dragon has three heads." Fans have speculated that that means Daenerys will take over Westeros with two other people who are presumably also of Targaryen ancestry. Jon Snow is a likely choice for one of them, and Tyrion has become a popular guess for the other. If he is the third head of the dragon, then his Targaryen lineage could be assured.

Looks Could Actually Be Everything

Tyrion's appearance has long been considered a hint that he could be a Targaryen, though how he looks in the show does not reflect how he looks in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. In the books he's described as having pale blonde hair (much lighter than the rest of the Lannisters) and mismatched eyes: one green and one black. Based on Westeros genetics, in which everyone seems to have key physical traits that indicate which family they're from, this could prove Tyrion is both a Lannister and a Targaryen. Those Targaryens are very blonde, after all.

Dreaming Of Dragons

Another hint from the books is that Tyrion dreams of dragons as a child. While that might not mean much in the real world (what kid wouldn't be fascinated by dragons?), everything is significant in Westeros — especially dreams. Dreams had by the other characters ended up revealing quite a lot, so Tyrion's dragon dreams might prove to be very meaningful.

He's Got The Dragon Stamp Of Approval

When Tyrion had a chat with Daenerys' chained-up dragons in Season 6, he won them over with surprising ease. Though the dragons had never behaved favorably toward anyone except Dany, Tyrion soothed them with just some light comedy. While that may just speak to Tyrion's intense level of charm, it could also be a sign. Targaryens have a way with dragons, that much is for sure, so maybe that's where Tyrion gets it from.

Tyrion doesn't have to be a Targaryen to be integral to the future of Westeros, but it certainly couldn't hurt. Hopefully Season 7 will shed some light on the situation.